7 Ways to Accelerate your Sales Tasks with the Freshsales Gmail Add-on

Salespeople spend an average of 13 working hours per week on email [Source: McKinsey] for various tasks – managing conversations, scheduling appointments, searching for contact information, and more. Furthermore, email is easily accessible, inexpensive, and highly efficient in acquiring leads. It is 40 times more effective at reaching new customers than social media giants. Which is why more and more companies are investing in email marketing to reinforce their sales teams. But this investment can’t bear fruit if you’re forced to manage both email and CRM to just keep up with your customers.

With the massive number of emails flooding your inbox daily, it can get chaotic and important leads can slip through the cracks. You’ll need a robust integration between your email and CRM, to help transfer and find prospects effortlessly. 

With the Freshsales Gmail Add-on, you can achieve a unified experience and start improving your customer relationships. Here’s how.

1. Hassle-free record access

For a salesperson in any business, time is money. Switching back and forth between your CRM and email can be time-consuming. How can you tell if your email sender is an existing customer or a new lead? Unless your CRM information is also available in your inbox, you’ll have a hard time knowing who’s who.

Now, with the Gmail Add-on, you can access record information directly from Gmail without having to switch between tabs. Click the “Search” option in your Add-on and enter the name of the lead/contact and Freshsales draws out the list of records with that name. You can access lead details like Job and Company, Lead Owner, Email, Lead Stage, and Last Contacted Time from the lead summary. You now have what you need right in your inbox to engage with context.

Gmail Add-on search results

2. Auto lead capture 

Say you receive an email from a potential customer. Instead of manually entering details into your CRM, how about automatically capturing them as leads? The Gmail Add-on extracts details from your email and saves recipients as leads or contacts right from your Gmail tab. So you can now initiate your sales process and engage with your customers.

3. Lead score

Not all leads in your CRM may be interested in your product. Chasing cold or unqualified leads could cost your business time and money. It is often the responsibility of your CRM to assist in the hunt for hot leads. 

Hand-pick your most sales-ready leads against those that need nurturing with intelligent lead scoring available in the lead summary inside Gmail. With the right data at hand, you can now focus on the right track for sales. 

4. Deal information 

There exists a thin line between closing and losing a deal. Don’t let prosaic tasks stunt your sales process. You need to access deal information often throughout your customer lifecycle. Now you don’t have to bolt to your CRM each time. With the Freshsales Gmail Add-on, you can access and update vital deal information like Deal Value, Deal Owner, and Expected Close Date. 

5. Recent activities

Whenever you connect with a prospect, it’s a sales activity. It could be a simple email, a meetup, or a skype call. These activities give you context on the deal stage. Keeping an efficient and succinct list of these activities, the particulars, and outcomes is crucial to keep upto date with your prospect.

With “recent activities” list, view all activities with your lead/contact in a timeline manner including website visits, emails, phone calls, appointments, lifecycle events, chats, SMS and sales activities. You can also add activities like tasks, appointments, and sales activities right from your inbox.

Lead score, deals, and activities

6. Recent notes

Notes are a sales rep’s go-to grab post meetings, phone calls, or emails. You probably receive multiple emails a day from your leads and customers, and keeping notes is your way of staying up-to-date with them. But jumping back and forth your CRM and inbox isn’t productive. You also stand a chance to miss out crucial data. 

Upgrade your notes and list management with the “recent notes” list. You can access old notes and add new ones right from your inbox. 

7. CRM on the go!

If you are a field sales rep, you probably bank on your mobile phone for all your CRM needs. The add-on is compatible with any browser and on the Android Gmail app. You can run your business from your phone, on the go.

Gmail Add-on on Mobile CRM

Now that you know the value that the Add-on adds to your everyday life, head on over to our support article and learn more about how you can add and use the extension to connect with your prospects better. 

Thanks to Shruthi Nagaraj for editing this article!

Cover illustration by Ashna Liza Sunny

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