Internal deal-related conversations become easily findable and transferable, with Freshconnect

Like wine and cheese or peanut butter and jelly, collaboration means a lot of stress. In fact, the more the number of people you have to work with to accomplish, the more the complexity.

Take a sales deal, for example. All of your work is in your Freshsales CRM – the holy grail of customer data where all information about prospects is stored but the different teams you have to work with – presales, legal, finance, billing, production, marketing and so on, are not. So it’s up to you to coordinate between the different teams, passing information and documents, through emails and tools like Hangouts, to get the job done.


Sometimes, this runs up to hundreds of emails and chat histories that are not easily searchable or transferable to a new teammate. Just imagine coming onboard late into a deal’s process – there’s no easy way to transfer all of this communication/info to them without forwarding tons of emails and copy-pasting conversations to them. They’ll get all the customer context from Freshsales but none of the internal context.

Phew again.

Enter Freshconnect, a contextual collaboration tool integrated with your Freshsales CRM account, to simplify all of this.

Agents can use Freshconnect to collaborate with and discuss deals with anyone (they do not have to be a user on Freshsales). To hold a discussion, all they have to do is hit “Discuss” inside a deal, invite your team and start talking. With the Freshconnect-Freshsales integration, all deal-related discussions can live right inside the deal, thus providing everyone with complete context.

How do I use Freshconnect to collaborate?

Hit ‘Discuss’ on a deal to start a discussion. You can invite anyone who can help to collaborate with you on a discussion – they don’t have to be an agent in your Freshsales account.


Who can I invite to a discussion?

You can invite any user on your Freshsales account by simply typing “@” and then selecting them on the list that pops up. If you want to invite someone who’s not on your Freshsales account, like an engineer or a billing representative or even a third-party partner, you can add them by typing “@” and then their full email address.


Non-Freshsales users will receive email invitations, when they’re invited to a discussion, and they’ll be able to join the discussion on Freshconnect app. The app is available, for free, to anyone who’s invited to a discussion and shows read-only context from the deal like the pipeline, source, notes, age etc. to the collaborator.

Freshsales users will receive discussion updates in the Freshconnect notification center, in their Freshsales account (top right corner).

So, the next time you want to invite someone to collaborate with you on a deal, why don’t you just hit ‘Discuss’ for some of that collaborative magic? You don’t have to spend time getting people up to speed and Freshconnect discussions will live alongside your deal forever, unlike Hangouts chats or Slack messages or email that you have to go looking for.

If you have any doubts or questions, make sure to check out our support portal and blog. You can also alternatively write to us at We’re always happy to help.

Unable to see the discuss button on your deal page?

We are still in the process of migrating this feature for our entire customer base. However, we are doing it on demand for anybody who writes to us. If you don’t have the feature yet and want to get it enabled for your account, go ahead and give us your details on this form.