Improve sales with modern messaging

Freshchat is a modern messaging software that helps businesses instantly connect with website visitors and app users.

The seamless integration with Freshchat in Freshsales allows sales reps to chat with leads directly from the sales CRM. Whether they're on your website or your app, it's an easy way to engage with leads in real time and increase the likelihood of converting them.

Connect leads to agents and chat

Responding quickly to website visitors is becoming increasingly important in today’s sales. Because if you don’t engage with visitors when they’re interested, chances are they’re going to bounce off your site.

The Freshchat widget for Freshsales notifies you on incoming chats so you can connect to visitors without leaving the CRM. Use Assignment Rules feature in Freshchat to assign chats to a sales agent or group based on conditions, similar to territory management in Freshsales. This way you can ensure chats are routed to the right agents.

Click on the notification, start messaging, and create new opportunities.

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Create visitors as new leads

Having Freshchat on your website is a means to acquire new leads and opportunities. Capture these leads in your sales CRM and move them down the sales funnel.

With this integration, you can automatically create website visitors as new leads or contacts in Freshsales, or choose to manually create them from the chat window.

Filter chat leads by applying “Chat” for the source field to segment leads for targeted follow-up emails in your sales process. Use this filter in Reports to know where your website leads are in the funnel.

Learn more about reporting

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Sync chats to conversations

Centralizing communication with customers in your sales CRM is important if you want your sales reps to avoid juggling multiple tools. Which is why Freshchat messages are automatically saved and synced inside Freshsales.

Read chat messages from the first time you interacted with visitors so you can prepare and have relevant future conversations. Chats are saved in the Conversations module and in the lead’s or contact’s record.

Chats are also displayed in the activity timeline. Know history of interaction via phone, email and chat in one view.

Learn more about email and phone management.

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Do all of this and more with your sales CRM

Forward call

Choose to take calls from your desk or forward them to your mobile.

Call history

Call back, add notes, schedule tasks and appointments from your call log history.

Know who is calling

Be prepared before taking calls. Know who’s calling. Look up their details. Plan your pitch.

Record calls

Follow up conversations by listening to audio recording of your previous phone calls.

Tasks & Appointments

Set follow-up tasks and appointments right after a phone call.

Smart fields

Segment prospects using smart fields such as "last contacted" and "last seen" date.

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