Get more done, together with Freshsales and Freshconnect

With Freshsales and Freshconnect, communicate in context and collaborate with teams across your organization to close deals, faster.


Salespeople rarely work on their own. While an individual salesperson may be the single point of contact for a customer, there’s always collaboration happening behind the scenes. Sales teams may need to work with finance on pricing, marketing on leads, and legal on contracts. With Freshsales and Freshconnect bring your teams on the same page and make collaboration a breeze.

Go from idea to impact in minutes

About a decade ago, changing customer expectations began to make the buying process much more complex. With collaboration in Freshsales, empower users to quickly get access to relevant customer information, collaborate with team members right where it’s needed and get faster, more effective resolution.

Say goodbye to information silos

Say goodbye to information silos, meetings, multiple email threads, and slow decision making. Use the discuss tab in Freshsales to bring relevant team members into a discussion on a deal and cut out the communication back-and-forth. With a record of all the interactions available right beside the deal, everyone can understand the issue in full context, or chat to get more information.

Invite anyone instantly

Need to collaborate with a developer? Or a customer support rep? Or someone from your legal team to close a deal? Instantly collaborate with absolutely anyone from across your organization with a simple @mention, send instant notifications, provide powerful context and take action with speed, agility, and accountability.