Let’s face it. Marketing plays an important role in sales. It’s no news that marketing helps engage with low intent leads and nurture them till they can be qualified. However, it is important to understand that your marketing efforts do not end as soon as the prospect is qualified and handed off to sales. Marketing is vital to ensure that the qualified leads stay with your brand and are converted into customers eventually. To pull this off, it takes a lot of effort such as segmenting them into relevant lists, sending newsletters to target them and bring them to your website and apprise them of your brand’s relevance with engaging web pages. This is where integrating your sales and marketing tools can help fine-tune outreach efforts and drive more sales.

Close the loop between Sales and Marketing

Freshmarketer is an intelligent marketing automation tool for fast-paced teams. With Freshmarketer, you can set up perfect your marketing outreach efforts and improve conversions. Freshmarketer offers seamless integration with Freshsales to enable you to gain full context of the customer’s journey through your website.

Why integrate with Freshmarketer?

Sync contacts in real-time

Sync your Freshsales account with Freshmarketer in real-time and push email contacts between the two tools unidirectionally or bi-directionally. Track marketing and sales touchpoints throughout a customer’s sales journey. Stay informed about who your website visitors are, what are they up to, and understanding their interaction with your website to convert them with ease.

Nurture leads through marketing campaigns

Leads that land on your website come with varying levels of intent. Nurture low intent leads with aesthetically crafted newsletters and progressively convert them into contacts. With Freshmarketer, you design captivating emails, set up smart journeys, and add your Freshsales leads/contacts and target them effectively. You can now also get greater visibility into a lead’s activities on your website and emails, and gauge intent.

Execute specific tasks with Freshsales triggers

Create leads or contacts automatically in Freshsales based on their interaction with emails, websites, etc. With Freshmarketer, you can use dedicated triggers in journeys to execute actions such as creating leads, updating fields, or adding tasks in Freshsales. If an email recipient clicks a link, turn him into a contact; if a contact checks out the promo code, create a deal in Freshsales.

Map fields to maximize information capture

Map the fields of your Freshsales and Freshmarketer accounts to capture details and keep your business records updated. Do away with information silos and make Freshsales the single source of truth to know any detail about your customer. Get a 360-degree view of your leads or contacts and bid adieu to switching between multiple windows to know about your customers.

Freshsales + Freshmarketer = Smarter engagement, loyal customers


Send out well-crafted emails to improve brand impressions and boost traffic to your website. Optimize your website to track website activity, learn how visitors engage with your website, and boost signups.


Engage with leads through relevant, customized emails and convince them of the value you offer. Derive insights on interaction with emails from the freshsales landing page and use the same to understand customer intent.


Send periodic emails to your customers to delight them and help them gain more value from your product. Send targeted emails to existing customers to explore newer sales opportunities and gain more from customer loyalty.