MailChimp Integration: Bring sales and marketing together

Just a few days ago we released the integration with email marketing service— MailChimp. This integration allows you to send better targeted email campaigns to your Freshsales leads and contacts using MailChimp’s pre-designed and customizable templates, and much more.

Why Freshsales-MailChimp integration?

Firstly, users want to sync their aggregated sales leads from all communications—emails, web forms etc., in Freshsales to MailChimp so they can maintain consistent lists across sales and marketing.

Secondly, some of our users already use MailChimp for marketing, and want to add these members in Freshsales to manage sales activity records.

Create new opportunities through lead generation

You can automatically sync leads and contacts from Freshsales to lists in your MailChimp account and/or sync members from MailChimp to your Freshsales account, i.e. a 2-way and 1-way sync. You can sync all fields across the two platforms. No holding back. Simply map fields and start sync.

Design and send beautiful, customizable and targeted emails

Through the sync, your Freshsales leads and/or contacts are automatically pushed into a list in MailChimp. Use this list in MailChimp to create segments, and divide your contacts based on interests, engagement, geography, etc. to send unique emails.

MailChimp is the go-to tool for ecommerce businesses. Dividing customers into lists, and further into groups and segments allows you to personalize campaigns for a more effective outreach.

Emails to segmented lists are said to have 75% higher click rates than emails otherwise not segmented. Also, in a research conducted by MailChimp, they found that segmented campaigns sell more. Take advantage of this integration, and convert your marketing efforts into sales!

Knowledge base: How to integrate Freshsales to MailChimp?
Applicable plans: Blossom, Garden, Estate, Forest

Well, quit monkeying around and try out this integration. 😉 Share your feedback with us below.

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Happy Selling!