How to make your sales data-driven with Freshsales Event Tracking

An Event in Freshsales refers to the visual footprints left by your customer in your website or product. You can track anything, everything about your customer’s interaction with your website. For example, you might want to know if the leads are actively using your product during their trial, if they’ve visited your pricing page, if they’ve enabled/disabled integrations etc.  These interactions with your website can be logged in Freshsales as events against the respective lead. With Freshsales events you can

  • Capture website visitors as leads or contacts in Freshsales
  • Track their page views
  • Track their activities as events
  • Segment leads and contacts based on events tracked on your website
  • View detailed activity timeline of your leads

How to get started with events

You can push events to Freshsales using Freshsales for Web or Segment integration.

Freshsales for Web

Freshsales for web is a collection of libraries in different languages that you can use to integrate your website or web app with Freshsales. You can use the library to create website visitors as leads, contacts or both when they submit their email address. It could be through signup forms, blog subscriptions, webinar registrations etc. You can capture events to track features used actively by your customer.

For more details on setting up events for your website, refer to the Freshsales for web user guide

Segment Integration

If you are using Segment to collect customer data from your web app and mobile app, you can integrate your Segment account with Freshsales too. Just enable the toggle for Segment and you’re all set to push events to Freshsales. Once the data is collected from your website, Segment pushes it to Freshsales. Freshsales creates new leads or updates existing leads with the events pushed from Segment. You can now view your website visitors as leads along with their activities in your CRM.

Check out more about the  Segment integration here.

How to use your tracked events

Once you’ve started collecting customer events, you can use it extensively to get interesting lead insights. Here is how you can use your events in Freshsales.

Filter your leads by events

Segment your leads based on the events they’ve performed. For instance, you can create a view for leads who visited your pricing page or downloaded a whitepaper. You can then bulk email these active leads and push them to the top of your pipeline. Events are the most effective way of generating active sales leads.

To filter leads by events, go to your lead list view in Freshsales and select Filters. Search for Events under Filters. You can now

  • Choose to filter leads who performed an event or who have not performed an event. For example, segment leads who have not clicked the unsubscribe link
  • Drill down further with date ranges. Say you want to filter out leads who clicked on a discount campaign banner in the last 30 days.
  • Refine active leads by the number of times an event was performed.
    Example: Leads who raised more than 5 support tickets.

You can now save these leads as a custom view. The view is updated automatically with active leads who performed the event so that you can follow up with those leads actively on a daily basis.

Skim your lead’s activity timeline to know your customer’s journey

Get deeper insights into your customer’s journey in your sales pipeline. The lead landing page of Freshsales gives you a detailed timeline view of the lead’s activities in your website, product or mobile app combined with his sales touchpoints.

Configure lead score based on website and application events

Configure Leadscores based on the website events performed by a lead. Automatic leadscoring ranks leads based on the rules set by your admin. The below is an example of how you can score your leads. Leadscore is increased for leads who clicked on the pricing page or submitted a feedback form, while it is decreased for leads who unsubscribed from the blog.

This is how you can generate a list of active leads based on events in Freshsales. Make your sales process data-driven with the help of event tracking. Events are the most effective way to identify active leads.

Happy Selling!