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Visual sales pipeline

Get complete visibility of your deals across stages. Quickly see how many deals are in each stage, sort and filter by their expected close date, and make smart decisions to guide actions and move them up the sales ladder.

Deal status, at a glance

Get a funnel view into your sales pipeline by quickly looking at the number of deals in each stage, and how much they’re worth. Identify the deals you need to focus on for each day. Know how much business you’re likely to close in the coming months, spot bottlenecks, and drive them to closure.

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Simple drag and drop navigation

Easily move deals up the sales pipeline by dragging and dropping a deal into any stage. You can break away to perform a quick filter (say by Expected Close Date), and return to dragging and dropping deals.

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Action-oriented follow ups

While you take care to arrange deals under relevant stages, you also need to reach out to the people associated with them—instantly, at times. That’s where the deals dashboard becomes useful. Instantly connect with potential prospects by phone and email -- directly from the deals dashboard. Non-interruptive workflow is our goal.

Track deals on the go

Access your important deals while on the go. Filter, sort, and search for deals in the same screen. In the Freshsales mobile app, you can quickly scan through each deal or tap on it for the details. Either way, you’re up-to-date on your deals before you step into the meeting.

Know the time taken to close a deal

When your reps close deals, it’s also important to know how long they’ve been at it. Now create reports based on time taken to close each deal. That way, you have a bird’s-eye view of the time your team takes to convert leads. You can then use this data to iterate and optimize the sales process.

Do all of this and more with Freshsales

Deal funnel view

Easily switch between the list or the funnel view -- your choice.

Filter and sort deals

Filter deals by potential value and expected close date so nothing falls through the cracks.

Lost deal analysis

Understand the reason why you’re losing deals and tackle the problem effectively.

Customize sales process

Sync Freshsales with your sales process. Add, edit and remove stages easily.

Pipeline dashboard

Know where each deal is in your pipeline and what needs to be done to move them forward.

Identify bottlenecks

Visually track the progress of deals. Identify bottlenecks and address them.