Introducing email conversations in mobile apps (plus a note about iPad support)

Imagine you’re at an event. You’re striking up conversations with potential leads, hoping you can build relationships with them. Suddenly you spot that one lead you’ve been chasing for a long time. The two of you have exchanged multiple emails and been on calls, but things haven’t moved ahead since. Now the lead right there in front of you, holding his drink and smiling at you. This is it! This is your best chance to convert the lead. You need to quickly revisit all your past conversations and find a way to say the right things in this context.

We’ve got you covered!

Email conversations in mobile

Freshsales now allows you to view all your sales email conversations with a lead directly in the mobile app. Now you don’t have to switch between your email and the CRM to get full context into all your past interactions.

You can quickly browse through multiple threads, open attachments and track emails right from the mobile app.

NEW: iPad support

The Freshsales mobile app now comes with full support for the iPad. This means it fits right into the iPad’s resolution and functionality.

Go ahead and download the Freshsales app from the Play Store or App Store and try out our latest update!