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Create Custom Formula Fields

Sales reps deal with a lot of data. Therefore, they need to have the ability to access and understand this data at a glance without having to frequently reach out for a calculator or perform complex mental calculations and risk erroneous results. Enter Formula fields.

Formula fields are read-only fields that let you automate manual calculations used in your business processes. They are auto-calculated fields that derive their value from an expression based on data that already exists in your Freshsales account. Let’s say you need to apply a discount percentage to a certain deal, or you may want to calculate the commissions that sales reps earn, formula fields can help you compute these values and more without writing a single line of code.


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Perform string and numeric operations

Formula fields in Freshsales support values based on simple numeric operations such as Max, Min, Square root, Exponential, etc., or string operations such as compareTo, CONCAT, equals, indexOf, etc,.

Learn more about supported operations


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