How does Freshsales stack up against Insightly?
Let’s look at some facts.

Record Management

When it comes to managing your leads, contacts, accounts, and deals, both Freshsales and Insightly hit the mark. But, Freshsales stands out by giving you unlimited users and unlimited record storage.  Freshsales also gives you the flexibility to customize your existing modules by renaming them to suit your business-specific terminology. You may refer to contacts as customers or accounts as company. This feature removes confusion among sales teams and helps you work more efficiently. Insightly lacks the ability to customize default modules, although it does have the capability to add new modules to the system.

Manage leads, contacts, accounts, and deals
Unlimited record storage
Renaming existing module
Filters and custom views

Email Management

Both Freshsales and Insightly have an email management system. But, when it comes to seamless communication and feature capabilities, Insightly has limitations. Freshsales, on the other hand, has everything you need to seamlessly send emails from within the CRM. Whether it’s Gmail integration (or integration with other email clients like Outlook), 2-way email sync, creating unlimited email templates, scheduling bulk emails, tracking email opens and clicks, real-time email alerts, creating sales campaigns—you name it, Freshsales has it.

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Send sales campaigns
View into emails awaiting a response
Real-time email alerts
Track and schedule emails
Personalized email template
View shared inbox for sales emails


Although Freshsales and Insightly have phone functionalities — Freshcaller and Insightly Voice respectively — Freshsales stands out in two key features: buying local numbers and call masking. 

In Insightly, your reps will have to connect with an existing number while Freshsales allows you to choose and buy local and toll-free numbers from over 50 countries, helping you establish a local presence.  

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Phone system
Auto log call
Call recording and transfer
Buy local numbers
Voicemail recording
Call forwarding
Call masking

Lead Scoring

Freshsales’ AI-based lead scoring allows you to categorize your leads into hot, warm, and cold. Assign scores by adding and subtracting points based on the lead’s interaction with your company—their behavior on your website, in-app, and email. Give your sales reps the means to focus their time and efforts to pursue the right leads using lead scoring in Freshsales.

Insightly allows you to rate leads between 0-5 using the lead property and can be achieved through workflows. However, it does not have the capability to score leads by behavior and categorize leads into different buckets.  

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Score by lead property
Score by website, in-app and email behaviour

Behaviour Analytics

Context before conversation allows for a more meaningful engagement with prospects during their buying journey—what pages on your website interested them, how are they using your app, did they open your email, etc. Freshsales tracks your user’s behavior starting from their first touchpoint. You can see the pages they visited, how many times they did so, and what content they downloaded. It also offers the option to track user activities in your web app. Insightly lacks the ability to give context on customer behavior.

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Track website visitors
Track web application events


While both Freshsales and Insightly allow you to create reports and dashboards, Freshsales gives you the flexibility to create reports using data across all modules and schedule it to be sent to your inbox at regular intervals.  

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Standard reports
Custom reports
Cross module reporting
Standard dashboard
Custom dashboard


Email, phone, and chat support are free in Freshsales from day one, while they come with a price tag in Insightly.

Free email, phone and chat support

                            Note: Data as of 1st January 2019


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