Why simple CRM is better than bloated, overly complex solutions

The core objective of using CRM is straightforward—build and improve relationships with customers. For businesses to accomplish this, CRM must enable sales reps to free up time, automate tasks, and improve productivity. And, Microsoft Dynamics—an archaic CRM accompanied by a bloated cost structure—is far from “gets the job done.”

If you’re looking for a Microsoft Dynamics CRM alternative, invest in a modern, simple, and powerful CRM software like Freshsales. 

Freshsales vs. Microsoft Dynamics—A snapshot

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Lowest-priced plan / user / month (billed monthly)



Highest-priced plan / user / month (billed monthly)



Lowest-priced plan / user / month (billed annually)



Highest-priced plan / user / month (billed annually)



Freemium option



Email integration via IMAP



Built-in phone



Note: Data as of 1st October 2018

4 reasons why Freshsales is the best alternative to Microsoft Dynamics

User experience that wows

Freshsales CRM was awarded the Great User Experience Award by FinancesOnline in the CRM software category. The clean, simple, and intuitive UI contributes significantly to the quality of user experience. Bloated CRM software like Microsoft Dynamics can be obtuse when it comes to performing simple tasks like opening records and apps. A new window or tab opens for every click action forcing you to go back and forth breaking the user experience. One of the top challenges for CRM users is insufficient training on the system. Microsoft Dynamics has a steep learning curve that requires extensive training. With Freshsales, your sales team need little to no training to get started. The aesthetically designed and pleasing interface on every screen and the workflow simplicity of each feature offers a seamless experience for sales teams to adopt and consistently use the CRM.


One hassle-free package

More is not better; more is just more. When it comes to CRM systems, less is more. An ideal CRM solution comes with basic and must-have sales features needed by businesses of all sizes already built-in, so users don’t have to look for third-party applications. Then there are others that are chock-full of features that bloat the product, get in the way, and deter your team from using it altogether. Which is why Freshsales is an all-in-one SaaS CRM that comes with the features you need. This gives sales teams leverage to improve performance and reach full business potential. Unlike Microsoft Dynamics, Freshsales CRM comes built-in with—email, phone, user behavior analytics, sales reporting and analytics, sales campaigns, workflows, and other holistic features so you don’t have to go out and buy separate solutions.

Greater optimization and visibility

To improve customer relationships, businesses must focus on delivering a consistent experience through every phase of their journey. One of the main purposes of a CRM system is to provide visibility into customer touchpoints, conversations, and opportunities so you can monitor and take actions. Freshsales presents a 360-degree view into each of your customers to understand how they are engaging with your business. The visual sales pipeline in the CRM paints a full picture into your sales opportunities across stages allowing you to track the progress of each deal, filter and sort deals, perform sales activities and forecast your sales. Microsoft Dynamics lacks this capability to guide decisions about your open opportunities in a single view. There’s nothing like having a snapshot of all your deals to quickly know where each deal is in your sales process. Freshsales CRM fulfills this need for sales managers to visualize and manage deals in multiple sales pipelines.


Fair and reasonable pricing

It’s important to factor in cost to choose the right CRM for your business. According to a 2018 Forrester study, Riding the next wave in SaaS CRM, the top three challenges CRM buyers listed were related to total cost of ownership— upfront, incremental and hidden costs, and half of the buyers stated cost as the key driver for replacing their CRM. With Microsoft Dynamics, you’re looking at exorbitant costs just for implementation, not included in the plan. This will start at $10,000 and can exceed $250,000 for mid-size companies. As for Freshsales, the cost of the CRM solution is fair and square—there are no hidden costs. You have four pricing plans to choose from, aside from a freemium CRM. Each plan is configured with features to suit teams and businesses of varying sizes at affordable subscription costs. So, as your business scales, our plans scale with your needs.