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Make more sales on the go

In a mobile-first world, why sell only from your desk? Get all the functionalities of a sales CRM on your smartphone, with the Freshsales mobile app for Android and iOS.

Everything you need to know about your leads, contacts, accounts and deals is just a tap away. Stay up-to-date on your deal’s details before you step into a sales call. After your call, schedule follow-up activities and update details even as you walk into your next meeting. Keep moving and never miss a sales step.

Play the numbers game; shorten your sales cycle

Scrolling through an endless list of leads and deals to identify the right ones to contact can be strenuous. With key metrics on your mobile app, stay abreast of the latest leads assigned to you. Use filters to narrow down to the right set of leads and ensure that the leads do not slip through. Pay attention to the warmest deals and change the stages as and when the deal progresses to the next stage. This helps you shorten your sales cycle.

Plan your day, from your smartphone

While setting up calls and meetings on the go, don’t keep switching between your mobile CRM and calendar apps. Use the calendar in Freshsales. Quickly take stock of how your day looks like, and find the right time to schedule your next meeting. You can also find all your tasks and appointments in a single calendar view. Stay on top of time-sensitive activities such as email replies and overdue tasks by taking action from the notification card. With one tap, you can also perform activities, like sending mails/making calls to the attendees. If the meeting is at a client’s location, book an Uber from within the Freshsales app and ride to the meeting in style.

Stay connected with push notifications

Selling on the go is incomplete without real-time notifications. You need to be in the loop every time you’re assigned tasks, leads, or deals. You also need to be reminded when your next meeting is in 15 minutes. The push notifications from your mobile CRM won’t let you miss a meeting, and you won’t forget any pending task either.

Configure your app to send notifications for select events and prevent a deluge of notifications. What’s more? Receive notification cards right at the top of your home screen and take action on the notification without having to navigate to a separate section.

Add tasks, appointments, and other sales activities, and track their outcomes

As a salesperson, your daily routine involves a lot more than just making phone calls and responding to emails. With the Freshsales mobile app, you can now create and track the outcome of all these sales activities and maintain a repository on the activities timeline. Be it a task, appointment, skype call or even a luncheon meeting, track every kind of activity related to the customer interaction and ensure that your CRM is up to date even while on the road.

Record voice notes to capture every detail

Every interaction results in a ton of information. You can’t afford to put off capturing these details; you can’t let anything slip through the cracks. Capture every detail– be it a requirement, a rough estimate, or compliance information– to ensure nothing is left out when you return for a second meeting. Scan and upload documents using the phone camera. Jot down every single detail even as your meeting is in progress, by adding notes in your mobile CRM. And if you’re not too comfortable typing out on your phone, circumvent the hassle by simply recording voice notes.

Make calls through Freshcaller 

Whether you’re taking/making calls from your desktop/smartphone, you need to log them in the sales CRM. This is important for a number of reasons: your team would need context into the call when you’re not around, or even you’d need to revisit the log to remember that little detail from 10 days ago. With the Freshsales mobile app, you can log calls and associate them with a lead, contact, deal, or account. Enrich your logs by adding notes with a single click, for instant context and recollection.

Do all of this and more with your sales CRM

Stay connected

Call or send emails to your customers from your mobile.

Search deep

Quickly search records by leads, contacts, accounts and deals.

Change deal stage

Move your leads and deals up the sales ladder with a tap.

Access views

Access your saved custom views even from the mobile apps.

Get directions

Instantly get directions to your customer’s location.

Act swiftly

Add deals and notes for contacts on the go.