Use Freshcaller to Make Calls From Your Freshsales Mobile App

“What’s the quickest way to get in touch with your customer?”, you ask a salesperson. She’d say “A phone call”, without batting an eyelid. Phone calls are crucial for every salesperson and the calling process must be as seamless as possible. So we’ve made this highly repetitive and important sales activity more powerful by integrating Freshcaller—call center software on the cloud—with our Freshsales mobile app. Now convert more leads on the go using your smartphone.

How does making calls through Freshcaller help you?

  • Same phone, different number: You start with a virtual number in your Freshcaller account. This means you can make and receive all your sales calls on your virtual number, not your personal number.
  • Save call logs with a tap:  Right after your call, you can save the call log in Freshsales (under the respective lead/contact) with the help of automatic prompts.
  • Stay in sync between desktop and mobile: Your call log data is automatically synced between the Freshsales web app and mobile app.

How to use Freshcaller from Freshsales mobile app

For starters, you’ll need a Freshcaller account.

Now that you’re all set, tap the Freshcaller icon when it’s time to make a call:

Download or update the Freshsales app from Play Store or App Store to check out this feature!

Applicable Plans: All plans

Knowledge Base: How to make calls using Freshcaller from within the Freshsales mobile app?

Cover image by Anandh Ravichandran