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One click to call

No extra software or hardware installation cost. No setup charges. No wasted time on dialing phone numbers. Just click the phone number to place calls directly from Freshsales.

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Entire conversation history

View all your phone and email conversations in one place. Make a call back, add notes, schedule tasks, make appointments, and add anonymous phone numbers as a new lead or contact in Freshsales.

Assign numbers to your team

Purchase local and toll-free numbers for any country and state, right from Freshsales. Assign the numbers to your sales reps or territories so they can start talking to prospects right away.

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Automatically log calls

Don’t worry about incorrect entry or drawing a blank when it comes to call logs. Freshsales automatically logs the incoming and outgoing calls for you.

Personalize welcome and voicemail messages

Greet your customers and leave voicemails by simply typing your message. Leave it to Freshsales to convert it to audio.

Phone activity reports

Create reports based on the number of outgoing calls made by each sales rep.

Manual call log

When you receive a call on your personal number, log it in Freshsales, map it to an existing lead/create new lead, and add notes about the call.

Do all of this and more with Freshsales

Forward call

Choose to take calls from your desk or forward them to your mobile.

Call history

Call back, add notes, schedule tasks and appointments from your call log history.

Know who is calling

Be prepared before taking calls. Know who’s calling. Look up their details. Plan your pitch.

Record calls

Follow up conversations by listening to audio recording of your previous phone calls.

Tasks & Appointments

Set follow-up tasks and appointments right after a phone call.

Pay for the minutes

Get all phone features from the free plan. Buy a number and pay only for the calls.

Smart fields

Segment prospects using smart fields such as "last contacted" and "last seen" date.