Product Update: Avoid Duplicates in Sales Campaigns, Discover Hovercards and More

We’ve made four enhancements to Freshsales across different features. Let’s get right to them:

Prioritize your territories

You can now reorder and re-prioritize territories by assigning them a priority number. Setting priorities for territories is crucial, especially when a lead satisfies conditions for two or more territories.

To reorder, click on the number associated with the territory, type the new number, and hit Enter. The territory with “1” has the highest priority.

Applicable Plans: Garden and above

Knowledge Base: How to use territories to organize your team

Avoid duplicates in Sales Campaigns

With this enhancement, Sales Campaigns can identify duplicate leads in the campaign based on their email address and exit them, so that the same emails are not sent to the same email address multiple times.

This is a very common scenario in prospecting, where new leads—often multiple leads with the same email address—are added to a sales campaign.

Applicable Plans : Garden and above

Knowledge Base : What are sales campaigns? How to configure a campaign?

Use your Gmail and Office 365 aliases in Freshsales

When you connect your Gmail or Office 365 to Freshsales, we now sync any aliases you may have set up in your email client. So if you need to send emails to your prospects via an alternative From address, just add it as an alias in your Gmail or Office 365 account, and then connect your email with Freshsales. Once you’ve done this, the new address will automatically appear when you’re composing an email through Freshsales.

Applicable Plans: Blossom and above

Get important information instantly through hovercards

We recently introduced hovercards, which are a convenient way to consume more information about a lead, contact or an account in Freshsales. As the name suggests, hovercards are cards that appear when you hover on the avatar of a lead, contact or an account, almost anywhere in the product.

Hovercards make it easy for you to get key details like lead score and number of deals, without leaving the page. From the hovercard, you can also send an email or make a call to your leads and contacts.

Applicable Plans: All plans