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A set of hand-picked resources to help you navigate and win the new normal: Remote Selling.

Sales Team Strategy for Remote Working

As a sales leader, you can either inspire your team or crush their spirit. There is no in-between. Re-look at your sales team strategy with the SHIFT approach. 

How to Achieve Your Quarterly Sales Targets?

Thomas Philip, Sales Lead at Freshworks shares quick tips to plan and achieve your sales targets every quarter.

Changing Buyer Behaviour: Tips for Remote Selling

Alice Heiman, shares tips on how to adapt to the changing buyer behaviour during these times. 

Remote Selling  Resource Hub

We partnered with experts in the sales community and have put together this Resource Hub for sales warriors across the world.

Time Management Techniques for Remote Working

In this article, Asim Qureshi shares time management techniques you can use while working remotely.

5 Ways to Lead a Remote Sales Team

Dalius Wilson, VP-Sales and Growth Marketing, GetAccept, provides pro-tips for sales managers to lead a remote sales team

On-Demand Webinar: Sales Prospecting Strategies to Close More Deals Remotely

Join Irshad Mohammed, Javeeth Ahamed, & Paul Nam as they decode the sales prospecting strategies that work during these times.

Tips for Building a Happy Work Environment

Vaishnav Ramesh led the most engaged sales team at Freshworks. But that was before we went remote. We caught up with him to see how he's building a happy work environment.

10+ Tips by Salespeople to Ace Remote Selling

Our salespeople Supraja Prasad, Lars van der Heijden, and Kaushik Sekar tell us how they are adapting to and acing remote sales.

Leveraging Videos for Sales

Peter Von Burchard, VP Sales & Customer Success at Wistia talks about how you can recreate the magic with your prospects using videos.

Psychology Techniques to Apply in Sales

Pratheebha Gurusamy, our Sales Rep, explains the role of psychology in sales and leveraging it to engage with prospects in the current situation.

Managing Remote Working

Our salespeople Stephanie Taiwo, Supraja Prasad, Lars van der Heijden, and Kaushik Sekar share tips on how you can manage remote working and still be productive.

Motivation Hacks To Build a Productive Sales Team

Alice Heiman, shares tips on how to build a productive sales team, especially during these times. 

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