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Customize reports

Modify our default sales reports—or build your own custom reports on leads, contacts, accounts and opportunities. Use the insights from the sales CRM to adjust course and grow your revenue!

Set simple or advanced logic
Advance Logic CRM
Summary or matrix reports
Matrix Reports
Create graphical charts
Create Graphical Charts

Visual sales reports

Monitor your sales progress visually without any complex setups. Understand your sales results instantly with elegant, graphical tables and charts.

Visual Sales Report

Revenue analytics

Pull out revenue metrics from your sales CRM by source, sales rep, territory, and more. Pinpoint the campaigns that work and the ones that don’t. Identify star performers on your team with sales cycle and velocity reports; see which territories are leading sales.

Revenue Analytics

Reports dashboard

If you’re looking into a specific set of sales reports every day, wouldn’t it be cool to see all those reports on a single screen, instead of pulling up each report separately? Each dashboard in Freshsales CRM displays up to six reports on your screen, along with key performance metrics like conversion rate. Now you can view more data and draw inferences faster without having to search for numbers. Get started with our out-of-the-box Lead Generation and Sales dashboards; you can also customize your dashboards and share them.

Reporting Dashboards

Sales cycle and velocity reports

If you’re a sales manager, you’re constantly looking for answers to two important questions—How long does your team take to convert a sales qualified lead into a paying customer? Which deal stage are your reps stuck in? This is why we built the sales cycle and velocity reports. Now, identify bottlenecks quicker and clear them by taking informed decisions—right from your sales CRM.

Sales Cycle Analytics

Sales activity reports

Create sales reports for four key activities: emails, calls, tasks, appointments. Use the sales CRM to get key metrics like email opens and clicks, tasks created versus tasks completed, and number of outgoing calls made by each rep.

sales activity reports

Trendline reports

Is your sales growing consistently month-on-month? Identify trends over weekly, monthly and quarterly periods. You can even forecast deal value and the number of deals you can expect to close, right from your sales CRM.

trendline reports

Report scheduling

Let’s say you need to schedule a sales report, like Deals by Stage and Type, for 10:00 AM every Monday. You don’t have to manually generate the report every week. Specify the schedule, enter the recipient’s email ID, and craft a personalized message—you’re done. Freshsales will automatically generate the report and deliver it to the respective inbox.

Report scheduling

Do all of this and more with your sales CRM

Share and export reports

Share reports and dashboards with your team. You can also export them as PDF or CSV files.

Territory reports

Know which territories are meeting targets and which ones have potential business opportunities.

Pipeline reports

Track the progress of each deal. Identify bottlenecks and work towards addressing them.

Out-of-box reporting

Trying to figure out how to create a report? Use our sample reports to get started.

Preview reports

Before you run the sales report, verify the data and see how it is represented. You can also add field columns on the fly.

Sales metrics

Generate reports on key sales metrics like conversion rate, time to contact a lead, and email open rate.