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Customize Reports

Modify our convenient default reports -- or build your own custom reports on leads, contacts, accounts and opportunities. Use the insights to adjust course and grow your revenue!

Customize Reports

Set simple or advanced logic
Summary or matrix reports
Create graphical charts

Visual sales reports

Monitor your sales progress visually without any complex setups. Understand your sales results instantly with elegant, graphical tables and charts.

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Revenue analytics

Pull out revenue metrics from your Freshsales database by source, sales rep, territory, and more. Pinpoint the campaigns that work and the ones that don’t. Identify star performers on your team, and see which territories are leading sales.

Deeper analytics

Apply filters to surface the data you want to see. Add your own logic and group the results. Create tabular, summary, and matrix reports with ease.

Preview reports

Preview any report to verify the data and appearance before you run it. Include field columns to appear in the report, on the fly.

Sales activity reports

Create reports for four key sales activities: emails, calls, tasks, appointments. Drill down into key metrics like email opens and clicks, tasks created versus tasks completed, and number of outgoing calls made by each rep.

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Trendline reports

Find out how your sales is going over weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly time periods. Analyze lead conversion rates, won/lost deals, sales reps’ performance, and more. You can even forecast close dates for deals.

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Do all of this and more with Freshsales

Share/export reports

Choose to share reports with your team or make it private.

Territory reports

Know which territories are meeting targets and which ones have potential business opportunities.

Pipeline reports

Track the progress of each deal. Identify bottlenecks & work towards addressing them.

Out-of-box reporting

Trying to figure out how to create a report? Use our custom templates to start creating reports.

Report scheduling

Schedule reports for daily, weekly or monthly updates. Pick a time, select any timezone, set recipients, and send a personalized message for each report.

Email metrics

Using open/click metrics, identify which email templates are a hit and which ones to discard.