9 Sales Apps Every Sales Rep Should Download

Have you ever thought of how many daily activities are done by an SDR? On average, it’s 94.4. These include prospecting activities such as emails, calls, voice mails, and social touches. Most of these tasks are tedious, repetitive, time-consuming, and not cost-effective. Sales apps can save you a great deal of trouble by automating or simplifying these work processes.

What is a sales app?

Sales apps empower sales teams by automating their workflow, bringing in greater accountability, and creating an efficient revenue prediction model. These tools boost the efficiency of salespeople in carrying out their daily routines and make them super productive. According to a recent study, an organization on average uses 5.8 sales tools and spends $4,581 on sales technology every year. Clearly, sales tools provide a lot of value to users and are worth investing in to save time and effort for a company. 

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Why do we need a sales app?

Sales apps are used to automate tedious tasks, eliminate manual jobs, and improve productivity. These apps also provide valuable insights and revenue forecasting capabilities.

To accomplish these, sales apps focus on three key areas:

1) Time Management 

As they say, time is money!

Every sales app, be it a cold calling or a CRM tool, focuses on increasing the productivity of sales teams. It does this in many ways, including by automating the sales pipeline process or simplifying the outreach activities. In short, a sales app automates all the monotonous tasks and allows you to utilize your time in other productive jobs. 

2) Boost Productivity

Productivity is the key purpose of any organization adopting a sales app. They want their sales team to be streamlined, focussed, and generate more revenue. Sales apps are developed to avoid manual errors, improve efficiency, and simplify tasks to boost productivity.

A highly productive sales team speeds up revenue generation, helping the organization move towards its goal faster.

3) Built-in Analytics for Evaluation

Almost every sales app has inbuilt analytics to measure the performance of a particular task. CRM software provides high-quality reports to understand the sales cycle. With a CRM, you can monitor your sales progress visually without the need for complex settings. Sales leaders can understand sales results instantly with elegant tables and charts. Analytics help the sales team to improve their performance and procedures through continuous evaluation, making them highly focussed and boosting the sales process.

List of best sales apps

If you are a vice president of sales or a sales manager, choosing the right sales tool for your team may seem tricky. Always ask for a free trial of a CRM tool, use it with your processes, and evaluate its performance. The sales apps in this curated list have proved to be among the most efficient in delivering great success.

1) Freshsales

Sales Apps Freshsales

Freshsales is a sales CRM tool by Freshworks that helps teams manage the sales journey of their prospects. It is ideal for all types of businesses irrespective of size.

Freshsales provides a seamless database for prospects and an AI-based lead scoring system to prospect them efficiently. You can engage with prospects from within the tool, gain visibility into your sales funnel, spot bottlenecks, and drive deals to closure. 

Freshsales comes power-packed with visual reports, workflow automation, and an excellent user interface to manage all sales activities in one place. In short, Freshsales is a seamless solution to multiple sales apps.

Supported Platforms: Web-app, Android, iOS

2) LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Sales App Linkedin Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator, a premium feature of LinkedIn, is used to generate high-quality leads. It helps sales teams find new prospects, the right decision makers in an organization, as well as connect with them to have a seamless communication.

Sales teams can also use the Sales Navigator to build relationships with and nurture prospects. The feature also provides basic prospecting analytics to improve performance.

Supported Platforms: Web-app, Android, iOS

3) Freshcaller 

Sales Apps Freshcaller

Freshcaller is a cloud-based phone system that helps customer-facing teams connect with their customers through calls. 

Freshcaller’s call routing engine complete with IVR and smart escalations helps you focus on responses and resolutions. You can have contextual conversations with call transfer, call notes, and call conferencing. Freshcaller’s real-time dashboard gives you insights into calls, and you can derive insights from reports and analytics available.  

Integrate your existing apps with Freshcaller to deliver a seamless customer experience. The Freshcaller Marketplace has a host of apps that will help you manage and automate repetitive tasks. 

Supported Platforms: Web-app, Android, iOS

4) SalesHandy

Sales Apps Sales handy

SalesHandy is a sales engagement tool that helps you automate email outreach. 

Sales development reps can schedule personalized email campaigns with SalesHandy to reach their prospects’ primary inbox directly. They can add automated email follow-up sequences based on how the prospects react to your emails.

SalesHandy also provides unlimited email tracking, template management, and advanced email analytics, which make it a perfect sales outreach app for outbound sales teams.

Supported Platforms: Web-app

5) Calendly


Scheduling meetings is one of the primary tasks of every sales professional. Calendly is an online appointment scheduler that helps you to organize multiple types of meetings.

Calendly helps you to host a meeting or allows your prospect to do it as per their convenience.

Calendly comes with multiple simple features such as reminders and buffers, and offers seamless integrations with other software.

Supported Platforms: Web-app, Android, iOS

6) DocuSign

Sales Apps Docusign

DocuSign is a digital signature tool that helps sales teams manage their signatures on agreements. Sales professionals use it to make their documentation handy and send valid documents with signatures anywhere around the globe.

DocuSign embeds the signature field in different documents, websites and applications. It also enables users to send and sign documents in multiple languages.

Supported Platforms: Web-app, Android, iOS

7) Looker

Sales Apps Looker

Looker is a cloud based sales app for exploring and analyzing data. Sales teams can break down data into modules and compare results.

The app provides real-time forecasting and revenue prediction, allowing sales teams to stay focussed on their goals. Looker’s advanced insights and seamless integration help sales teams keep all the analysis they need under one platform. 

Supported Platforms: Web-app

8) Zoom Cloud Meetings

Sales Apps Zoom

Zoom is a communication tool that lets teams schedule appointments, reserve calendars, communicate with prospects, and organize video conferences.

With remote working becoming the new norm, Zoom is now used more than ever by sales teams to nurture their prospects through video conferences and provide demos through screen share. No more traveling to your prospect’s office.

Zoom also provides video recording to reuse the video for quality improvement purposes.

Supported Platforms: Web-app, Android, iOS

9) Evernote Business

Sales Apps Evernote

Managing notes and tasks is time-consuming and tedious but quite important for every sales professional. Sticky notes, call records and sales collaterals can otherwise be spread everywhere and cause chaos. 

Evernote Business helps sales teams maintain all their notes and important documents in a centralized location. From ballpark estimate pricing details to closure documentation, everything can be managed in folders and lists.

Evernote also provides a centralized platform for the whole team to access shareable documents.

Supported Platforms: Web-app, Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS

Sales apps help create an ecosystem for sales teams to work efficiently and produce high-yielding results. The list of best apps for sales reps will be useful only if teams use them effectively and extract the most from them. 

Using the right sales apps efficiently can skyrocket your sales process and boost your revenue.

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