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Set, Track, and Achieve Sales Goals

Setting goals and working towards them is basic human nature. The same holds good for sales as well. Without clear goals to aim for neither you nor your sales teams have anything to measure up against, and neither do you have the ability to assess your progress. Sales teams not knowing what they are working towards are likely to lose momentum and motivation. 

With Sales Goals in Freshsales, sales teams can easily set, track, and attain sales goals and achieve outstanding sales results helping your business grow like never before. 

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Set Revenue and Won deal goals

Create two types of important goals: Revenue goals and Won deal goals. With Revenue goals in Freshsales, you can track the progress your business makes towards achieving your target revenue within a defined a goal period. With Won deal goals, you can set individual or team goals for the number of deals to win over a period. 


Assign sales goals

Assign goals to users and teams. Additionally, apply goals to territories, as well as products and pipelines and get deeper insights into the success, performances, and challenges of individuals and sales teams. 

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Keep track of your progress

View and keep track of your progress towards your goals with the Sales Goals dashboard. Hover on a goal progress bar to see the target, achieved, and attainment breakdown. Use filters to quickly find and access specific goals.

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Here’s why you should be using Sales Goals in Freshsales

Prioritize and set sales goals in the CRM 

Easily set revenue or won deal goals for teams as well as individuals.

Track progress towards your business objectives

Keep track of your progress with the help of the Sales Goals dashboard.

Bring accountability to teams and drive salespeople to succeed 

Receive in-app and email notifications whenever a goal is set. Use the goal progress bar to see the target, achieved, and attainment breakdown. 

Identify areas for growth, new territories to pursue, and products that sell 

Create targets for territory, product, and pipeline to identify new areas for growth.

Reward salespeople who meet and exceed goals, and create a high-velocity sales team

Increase your sales momentum and keep your sales team motivated by setting smarter, more effective goals.