Sales reporting made easy

The latest research on formal sales processes reveals that 50 percent of high-performing sales organizations implement sales processes that are carefully monitored, rigorously enforced, or automated in comparison to just 28 percent of underperforming organizations. The study shows that having a sales process that can be tracked, optimized, and automated is essential to keep your business competitive.

Stay ahead of the curve with this 100 percent free and effective report template. The spreadsheet is the result of numerous field testing and application by our team of sales experts.

Sales Report Template

Perfect for startups and small businesses

As a startup or a small business, you know how difficult it is to stay competitive while trying to cut-down on your expenses. The business landscape is so tough that close to 50 percent of small businesses shutter their doors after four years. You need all the help you can get to keep your doors open.

Best of all, the sales report template is highly-customizable and user-friendly. Just input the details of the deal as well as the sales stage to get quick and automatic reports. We even took the time to provide clear and concise instructions so even those with little to no experience in handling spreadsheets can use it on the fly.

Our lightweight spreadsheet packs a heavy punch. It offers numerous features including:

Customizable drop-down boxes

Why type when you can quickly choose your options? The report plan comes with drop-down boxes that can be edited according to your needs and preferences.

Deal prioritization

Use the drop-down box to input the sales stage and watch the spreadsheet automatically assign a priority score. Use the score to help your team focus on deals that are ready to be closed.

Effective data filtering

Eliminate the noise by filtering daily sales data according to sales stage, priority, point person assigned, and a lot more.

When it’s time to move on

As your business becomes more successful, there will come a time when a spreadsheet is no longer enough to keep track of daily sales. This is a good problem to have.

Fortunately, we have a powerful solution that lets you monitor your growing sales and help you stay on top of your sales process.

Try Freshsales for free for 21 days. Our CRM software lets you automatically capture lead contact details, track deals on the go, generate powerful visual reports, and a lot more all in one intuitive interface.

Time to move on

Why Freshsales

No reason to stick to a lightweight when you’re already playing in the big leagues. Pound for pound, nothing comes close to Freshsales. Get your 21-day free trial and enjoy 24/5 email and phone support. Scaling is one of the best times to integrate a new CRM system. Freshsales is designed to help companies scale their sales process seamlessly by providing powerful functionalities including:

Trendline reports

Freshsales understands that the growth of the business depends on the results of your salespeople. That’s why the CRM software integrated a performance tracking functionality in trendline reports.

With this tool, you can identify who’s performing and who’s not. Use the information to give the top performers a pat on the back while creating a program to assist the non-performers.

Trendline Report

Sales cycle and velocity reports

Freshsales takes performance reporting a step further with the sales cycle and velocity reports. This feature provides insights on the average sales cycle days of each sales rep.

On top of that, the CRM also generates a visual report that reveals which stage of the sales process your sales reps struggle. This enables you to come up with a coaching program designed to effectively address a particular issue.

Sales cycle and velocity reports

Report Dashboards

View multiple reports including sales cycle and velocity reports from a single screen. The report dashboards functionality of Freshsales allows sales heads to consolidate key metrics and trends so they can make data-driven decisions with one glimpse.

The dashboards are also flexible. Sales executives can easily customize the dashboard according to their processes and preferences. Here are some reports that you can add on your dashboard:

  • Sales forecast

  • Win rate

  • Lead conversion

  • Lead generation by source

With reports dashboards, you can assess the health of your business in a heartbeat.

Report dashboards

Do all of this and more with your sales CRM

Share and export reports

Share reports and dashboards with your team. You can also export them as PDF or CSV files.

Territory reports

Know which territories are meeting targets and which ones have potential business opportunities.

Pipeline reports

Track the progress of each deal. Identify bottlenecks and work towards addressing them.

Out-of-box reporting

Trying to figure out how to create a report? Use our sample reports to get started.

Preview reports

Before you run the sales report, verify the data and see how it is represented. You can also add field columns on the fly.

Sales metrics

Generate reports on key sales metrics like conversion rate, time to contact a lead, and email open rate.