10 Practical tips to quickly increase your sales email conversion rates

Sales emails can bring maximum results only if you know how to convert prospects into real customers. In this article Helga Zabalkanskaya, Chief Marketing Officer at NEWOLDSTAMP, gives you some valuable tips on how to quickly increase email conversion rates by using some simple and effective techniques.

As a sales development representative, you often use open and click rates to measure the effectiveness and success of a sales campaign. After a recipient clicks on a link in your sales email, your next objective is to get them to convert on your offer, and thus, become a customer. Naturally, a higher conversion rate would correlate to higher success in achieving your sales goals. So email conversion rates are an important metric, and here are ten practical ways you can increase them:

1. Segment your email lists

A lot of people don’t open emails because they feel that the email is not relevant to them. Segmenting your email lists will help you send targeted emails so that the recipients find the email to be personal and relevant to them. You can segment your list in different ways, by engagement level, demographics, preferences and even website behavior.  Implementing an email segmentation strategy can do wonders for your open and conversion rates.

2. Create targeted email subject lines

The subject line is the first thing that your recipients see when looking at your email, and first impressions do matter. Make sure your subject lines are succinct and use action words that impact open rates. They should elicit elements of curiosity, urgency, and humor. Most importantly, ensure that your email subject lines use personalization to connect with the recipients.

Here are some sales email subject line examples you can adjust for your own communications:

  • John suggested to reach out
  • Talk on Thursday at 2:30?
  • Just saw your comment on Silvertree Publications blog
  • Savings of $20k for PMB Finance Co.
  • Will I see you tomorrow at Mobile Summit?

3. Personalize your sales email copy

Personalize your email copy to sound like a real person. Write in the second person to set a tone of friendliness and always send the email from your individual account.

Personalization doesn’t include only using your recipients’ names (you should already be doing this), it includes letting them know who you are, what you do and even sharing your anecdotes. They should be able to visualize your words and take actions accordingly.

Personalization and segmentation are closely related. While segmentation allows you to create groups based on common preferences, personalization helps you make sure that your customers receive highly targeted messages that match their likes and interests.

4. Add Call-to-Action

You should include Call-to-Action (CTAs) in your sales emails to boost conversion rates. Your CTAs should be clear, visible and easy to follow. It is also better to use one prominent CTA than to clutter your email with many.

By adding more than one CTA, things might get too complicated for the prospects as they will not be sure what exactly you expect them to do next. Research show that there is a significant increase in conversion rate when emails contain a single call-to-action.

5. Make your sales email trustworthy

When you approach someone for the first time, prospects know nothing about you. Therefore, your primary goal is to show them that you are the person they can trust. You can achieve this by mentioning mutual acquaintances and connections. Another possible option would be to find something in common. In other words, do your homework before pressing a send button and find out as much information as possible about the recipients so you know their tastes and pain points.

6. Provide social proof

Providing social proof to encourage prospects to make a decision is key in sales. You want to make your customers feel confident about their choice so, subtly using social proof to influence them is a great idea. From current customer testimonials to mentions from influencers and experts, there is a wide range of options from which you can choose.

7. Add a professional email signature

An email signature is one of the best tools to boost your sales efforts. It is persuasive, builds trust and brand awareness, without making it obvious. Email signatures passively urge the recipients take actions, whether it be purchasing your product or using your services.

Just by advertising your company through email signatures, you can generate more leads and convert those leads into customers. Professional email signature generators allow you to add catchy CTA buttons and run email signature banner campaigns.

You can try using email signature generators like Newoldstamp.

Email Signature Generator

8. Optimize your emails to mobile

These days, people read their emails on their mobile devices the most so you should start optimizing your emails for mobile devices. You should create short subject lines, space out your email so that recipients can quickly skim through the text, use larger fonts and make your links easily accessible.

9. Send follow-ups

After an interaction with a prospective customer, you should always send follow up emails, even if it’s for something as simple as confirming subscription to your email list. Follow-ups show consistency and determination and your company will remain in the customer’s  mind. It will make them want to engage with you and check out what you have to offer.

Remember that it’s much easier to bring an existing customer back than to sell a product to a complete stranger. Therefore, a post-sale follow-up email can be a powerful retention tool that invites your recipients to check other products or services related to the previous purchase.

Follow up sales emails

10. Constantly monitor performance

A sales email that works for your competitors might not bring the same great results to you. Run A/B tests and continuously monitor your email open and click-through rates to see what strategy, email copy and layout perform better.


Email is one of the most powerful digital channels in sales. However, your sales emails will bring you the highest return on investment only if you know how to convert your audience into real customers.

Make sure that your message is relevant by segmenting the list, creating targeted subject lines and personalizing your sales email copy. Include a visible call-to-action to both your sales email body and your professional signature. And most importantly, don’t forget to test different options and optimize your sales campaign performance accordingly. Sometimes great improvements can be achieved by adjusting minor details such as adding a clear title or sending a reminder.