11 Things to be Thankful for if You’re in Sales

It’s the season of gratitude, giving and celebration. With the holiday spirit growing on us, there must be something we are all thankful for. So, what about you? Is it your new job or promotion, is it that new house you bought downtown or is it that chic Christmas sweater you bought on sale? Well, it could be anything.

But if you’re a salesperson, we know that the thanksgiving holiday season can be very taxing for you. Especially, when you’re chasing those deals you want to win before the year ends. That’s why we put together a list of things you can be thankful for.

1. A team that complements

Each customer is different and so should the salespeople in your team be. When there are different types of salespeople[1] in your team, you can achieve more together.

A team that complements

You could be the star closer who can pull off very big deals, but you may need the help of a consultant who is good at solutioning your product.

Or, you could be one hell of a customer-focused storyteller who loves to sell using case studies. There could also be an aggressor in your team, who is amazing at price negotiations.

Be thankful if you have some or all these types of salespeople in your team.

2. A great product to sell

A great product is one that solves a problem innovatively at a reasonable cost and time. Nothing like it, if it can also be customized to suit varying customer needs.

great product to sell

Be thankful if you’re selling one such product.

But wait! You might just have MORE to be thankful for.

Especially, if your product is backed by an efficient team who launch features at an amazing velocity to stay ahead in the game.

3. Colleagues who are friends

It feels good to have friends at work. Studies [2] show that working with friends can boost your morale and reduce stress in the workplace. It also improves your performance as a team and increases your commitment. More importantly, it makes work more fun.

colleagues who are friends

Take a moment to thank those colleagues who’ve got your back. Don’t assume they know. Even if they know, it’s time to say it again.

4. Competition

There have been and will be days when you’ll wish that your competition vanishes into thin air. But, remember to thank them. Because it is your competition that pushes you to do more by creating a new set of problems for you to tackle.


They help you understand that there are different ways to address the same challenge your product is trying to. They might scare you but they also compel you to be better.

5. Your superpowers

You bring something special and unique to your workplace. You may amaze your team with this superpower you possess.


Maybe, you know it already or you may not have realized it yet.

Either way, you must thank your superpowers.

6. Leads

Leads are the bread and butter for sales. The more leads you have, the more you can sell.


So if you’ve not yet exhausted the number of people or companies that you can sell to, be thankful for that.

7. A marketing team that works hand in hand

We bet your sales and marketing teams work towards the same goal; to attract the right set of customers and to make them buy your product/service.

A lot of your work depends on marketing efforts and you need each other to be successful.

Marketing team that works hand in hand

So thank your marketing folks for the awesome content they create, amazing events they host, creative campaigns they run and the useful collaterals they provide.

8. A cool workplace

Happy employees are motivated and productive and a cool workplace definitely contributes to this.

Cool office

Does your company provide you with any of these – thoughtful workplace, good food and caffeine, flexible work hours, access to professional development, paid time-off for volunteering or on-site gyms?

Then, it’s time to thank them.

9. Customers

Your job exists because there are people who are interested in buying from your business. So thank them with some love this festive season. It could be the newly wedded couple who just bought china patterns from you, the teenager who’s been vouching for you on social media or the retired banker who has been buying holiday gifts from you every year.


Besides, there is someone else you must thank too. Your support folks who work round-the-clock to ensure your customers have a great experience.

On this note, here’s a fun video we created to thank ALL our customers for making Freshsales what it is today! 

10. An awesome sales tool that makes your life easy

Did you know? Sales reps spend less than 37% of their time selling and almost 30% (that is, practically one-third of their time) juggling between CRM and spreadsheets.

As a salesperson, your focus should be on selling and not in managing the sales tool.
Be thankful if your CRM is easy-to-use, automates manual tasks, lets you send emails and make calls without having to depend on 5 other tools.

Awesome sales tool

11. Yourself

Don’t begin the festive season before thanking the one person who does the most for you. There is no prize for guessing who.

That’s you!


You are the one who can take control of how you tackle things at work and create the work life you want. If you have not focused on that yet, don’t worry. It is never too late!

Finally, here is my two cents for you. There are several benefits[3] of giving thanks year around and not just on Thanksgiving Day. It makes for an amazing daily habit. Give it a try!

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