8 Funny Sales Memes to End 2018

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It’s time to say goodbye to 2018. For sales reps, it’s yet another year that was a roller-coaster ride. From those hard-fought deals to those close-misses, the year has seen it all. But it still is alive and kicking as long as those year-end targets are still around and to be met.

But again, sales involves taking on the pressure with a smile on the face and laughing off the occasional setback. So, take a break, sit back and enjoy these year-end memes before you get on to your next call.   

When Santa fever takes over


Santa runs a sales operation too. Except, he runs it alone ?

Wait. Epiphany alert. What if Santa had a CRM for this purpose? Let’s see how that pans out.

When you’re trying to close out the year on a high!


When celebrations come to a screeching halt…


The time of year when you have to choose between excitement and anxiety.


When your efforts to ‘clinch’ meet a ‘grinch’.


This sums up life as a Salesperson

And, finally…

When your ‘warm’ prospect comes back from a long vacation in January.

With this, we bid adieu to a colorful 2018 and welcome a vibrant 2019!

Now that you’ve spent some time guffawing at these memes, share it with your colleagues and friends and brighten their festivities!


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