15+ Hilarious Sales Memes That Every Salesperson Can Relate To

Everyone knows that working in sales is a stressful job. Whether it is tough sales targets or demanding customers, sales professionals can be pushed to the edge almost every day. So how do they cope with it? They just laugh it off and take their learnings to the next situation.

This applies to you as well! All you’ve got to do is just laugh it off and forget your worries.

Here are some hilarious memes that will bring a smile to all the sales professionals out there. This one’s for you!

1. Day one of the month and you’ve already bagged your first deal.

Sales Memes Breaking Bad

2. Just when you think you got the prospect reeled in, comes the pricing.

Sales Memes Jason Momoa

3. During pricing discussions.

Sales Memes Distracted Boyfriend

4. Last week of the quarter, trying to close deals be like:

Sales Memes Salt Bae

5. Those sure-fire sales reps who manage to have their quarter sorted.

Sales Memes Success Kid

6.  The case of the missing prospect.

Sales Memes Mr Bean

7. Income woes, followed by income tax woes.

Sales Memes Gru

8. The eternal optimist.  

Sales Memes Pigeon

9. Did someone say holiday? Naah. 

Sales Memes What I think I do

10. People who have mastered the art of invisibility.

Sales Memes Invisibility

11. When the Gatekeeper swears on his life to protect the identity of the decision maker:

Sales Memes You Shall Not Pass

12. Yabba Dabba Doo!

Sales Memes Yabba Dabba Doo Flintstones

13. The struggle is real.

Sales Memes R2D2

14. It’s only been 732 years since the call.

Sales Memes Waiting Skeleton

15. Dashboard, here I come!

Sales Memes Girl Running

16. To all those prospects who marked my email read without opening it.

Sales Memes Pulp Fiction

17. When you realize that not having prospects is a scarier prospect.

Sales Memes Pennywise IT

18. Drowning in the Sea of the Unread.

Sales Memes Drowning Thumbs Up

Now that you’ve spent some time guffawing at these sales memes, share it with your buddies and light up their day too!

Have some interesting sales memes to share with us? Share it below in the comments section.

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Thanks to Tejas Kinger, my co-author for this blog.

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