How can my sales reps be more productive?

Sales reps don’t need multiple tools for this. What they need is a sales CRM that understands their asks and provides solutions—within the tool. Using Freshsales, reps can let the sales CRM take care of mundane activities like lead discovery, automating repetitive tasks, and prioritizing leads. This way reps can focus on their calls, managers can maximize sales performance, and everyone can contribute to that key goal: closing more deals.

Presenting 4 ways Freshsales takes charge of your sales productivity.

Lead scoring

It's easier to follow up on leads when you know their engagement level with your business. But how do you measure engagement level? Enter lead scoring. By combining demographic details with website and in-app activity, Freshsales assigns a score to each lead. This means Jane who opened your email and signed up for your webinar has a higher score than Kevin who hasn't returned your calls yet. Freshsales also ranks your leads by their score, so the highest scoring leads go to the top. This way you can manage your lead list better and engage first with those who’re more interested in your business.

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Most sales CRMs don't make it easy to capture leads from your webforms. You end up creating another form so it's convenient for the CRM to do the sync-up. Or you could be spending money and time on developers to build a bridge between your sales CRM and the webform. None of these things happen with Smartforms. Use your existing webform to connect with the CRM and automatically capture all signups as brand new leads in Freshsales. There’s more; new leads' profiles are automatically enriched with their social media information, photo, activity on your website and lead score! Now you know why we put the "smart" in Smartforms :)

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Intelligent Workflows

What's the bane of a salesperson? Spending half your time in mundane activities like data entry and sending template emails, when you could be spending that time on calls and strengthening relationships with your leads. Intelligent workflows help you address this issue. You identify triggers (like a new lead signing up on your website), decide on follow-up actions (like sending a welcome email) and create rules to connect the two. These rules become your workflows. It's like turning the sales CRM into your efficient private butler—except that this butler improves your sales performance :)

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Bulk emails

Sending the same email to a long mailing list? Don’t hit Send a hundred times. Use the Bulk Email feature in Freshsales to select your recipients and reach out to your mailing list in a single click. The larger benefit? You can manage your campaigns right from the sales CRM, with zero fuss.

You can also track the performance of your emails. Get stats on email opens and link clicks for every email. Use this data to fine-tune your templates and improve your messaging on the go.

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More hacks to improve your sales productivity

Schedule reports

Creating the same report often? Set a schedule, indicate the recipient and add a personalized message—let Freshsales keep generating your reports for you.

Schedule emails

Schedule emails for a date and time when your customers are most likely to read them.

Auto-assign leads to reps

Pick a territory and select the reps best suited for this territory. Leads will be assigned to your reps in a round-robin format.

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