Maintain data integrity

Sales data is dynamic. Sometimes, you’ll have a purchased contact list or leads gathered from campaigns, conferences, traveling, etc., in a spreadsheet. Importing records from outside sources into the CRM is important to create new opportunities and track communication. Therefore, maintaining the integrity of data in your sales CRM is crucial and essential to business.

Freshsales’ data import feature lets you import data—leads, contacts, deals, and accounts without duplicates. Importing is simple and easy, and takes just a few moments. Upload your CSV file, follow the import wizard and begin import.

Avoid duplicate records

Duplicate records are a menace to sales. Sometimes it’s possible that one or more leads you want to import are already present in the CRM. If a CRM allows this, then more than one sales rep may contact the same lead causing confusion for business. Nobody wants this. Here at Freshsales, we help you maintain reliable data in your sales CRM. You decide how to update existing records by matching them with a unique identifier in Freshsales to prevent duplication.

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Define mapping

Use the dropdown list to map the source CSV columns with Freshsales fields to ensure your data is complete and accurate. Mapping avoids wrongly populated data in your sales CRM, so everything goes right where it belongs.

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Do all of this and more with your sales CRM

Bulk actions

Quickly send emails, assign leads, update a field, merge and delete records in bulk.

Role-based access

Define and manage user permission and data access in Freshsales.

Smartforms (web-to-lead)

Capture website visitors as leads directly into Freshsales once they complete a webform.


Autocapture leads from webforms, enrich profiles, assign reps, and log calls & emails.

Custom views

Filter and sort records. Save and access them whenever you want.

Smart fields

Connect with the right set of prospects using "last contacted" and "last seen" date.

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