Manage deals in one place

Identifying sales opportunities is an important task for the sales team. Capturing information and organizing opportunities becomes a challenge when sales reps don’t have a single place to refer to. This hampers their productivity and they’re unable to close deals faster. The outcome of a deal is what happens at the very end of the sales process. Between the start and the end, the sales rep takes a deal through a series of steps before it is ultimately won or lost.

Getting a true picture of where deals are in the sales pipeline is essential for a sales rep to carry the deal forward. Although the effective approach to closing a deal varies from deal to deal, how they are managed and organized also play a factor in maximizing your conversion rates. As they say, it’s not just about finding the right opportunity, it’s also about handling the opportunity right. Deal management tools give businesses a systematic approach to manage deals in one place.

Freshsales CRM’s deal management associates related contact, account and deal information to give a complete customer view for your team, enabling you to manage information in one place.

Know your deal

Deal properties differ from business to business. So, you should be able to capture every information related to your deal without being restricted to standard fields in the CRM software. In Freshsales, you can create custom deal fields from a range of field types to implement a structure to your deal form. When creating your deal, you can associate it with the related contact, assign probability, guess an expected close date, set yourself as the owner or assign to another, and do more. You can also view related conversations via phone and email on the deal page. Freshsales supports multi-currency for deal values, so you can set the default currency settings in the CRM to suit your sales transactions.

Track your deals in a visual pipeline

Once a deal enters the sales pipeline, the sales rep must actively push the deal to closure. If the sales rep is working on more than one deal, tracking their sales activities and progress of each deal in different views can seem overwhelming. Freshsales CRM uses a Kanban board to organize your deals and to allow your sales team to manage the flow of deals in what’s called a sales pipeline. It gives you complete visibility of your deals across stages with the capability to sort and filter them using deal fields. Drag and drop deals across stages in the pipeline view as they reach each milestone. You can create tasks for yourself, email or call a deal contact, and switch between pipelines—all from one place using your deal tracking software.

Create your deal views

Part of improving sales productivity is being able to customize your CRM software so you can get clarity on information that’s important to you. Create your custom deal views in Freshsales so you can quickly refer to them in the future. You can also customize columns by choosing which deal fields to show in the funnel view. Scroll through horizontally to view remaining columns. Make the most out of deal management in Freshsales to effectively manage your deals in one place.

Do all of this and more with your CRM 

Customize, filter and sort deals

Filter deals by potential value and expected close date. Add, edit and remove stages easily; simplify deal management.

Measure and analyze

Get in-depth sales analytics via reports. Identify your star performers, find out potential sales areas, review time taken to close each deal, understand and analyze lost deals.

Track deals on the go

Using Freshsales mobile apps, access your important deals on the go in iOS and Android. Keep track of your deal's details before you step into a meeting.

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