Email + CRM = Boost Sales Productivity

When your customer records are in a CRM, and emails are stored in a mail client, what your sales reps eventually get is a messy and fragmented system that gives absolutely no context about a customer’s needs at all.

The email management system in Freshsales gives you one place to access all your sales interactions, eliminating the need to switch between applications. By connecting your mailbox, the CRM filters out only your relevant customer emails and associates it to the lead or contact along with attachments, if any. You can also send mails either from your mail client or from Freshsales, and find the mails in the Sent folder of both apps. The email management tool also has email tracking that tells you who has opened and clicked links on your email, when and how many times. Quickly shoot out emails, receive emails and send emails in bulk to a larger group of customers, all from Freshsales.

Get notified on new emails

Most salespeople have the tendency to check their emails often so they don’t miss out on the important ones from potential prospects. But by doing that, they are wasting a lot of their productivity time.

With the best of both CRM and email in Freshsales, you get real-time notifications on new emails so you can spend less time on your inbox and more time on increasing sales. Freshsales CRM filters out the emails that need your response, so you don’t have to swim through a cluttered inbox. What’s more, you can create and save your well-crafted emails as templates, and track their performance with open and click metrics. Your email management strategy gets a complete makeover with Freshsales.

Awaiting response
Email template

Send mass sales campaigns without leaving the CRM

Don’t waste time sending follow-up emails manually to each and every contact in your list. Reach out to a large number of customers within seconds by sending out mass emails right from Freshsales. Choose to send a well-crafted email template or draft an email then and there. You can also give a personalized touch to your emails by adding placeholders. With the right mix of automation and personalization, email management is no longer a chore.

Rich context for better, meaningful conversations

If your company uses multiple email addresses—from marketing, support, customer success and sales—to communicate with customers, you can bring all those emails inside Freshsales. Introducing Team Inbox - the one place to access all your customer interactions, so you have better context while interacting with them.

Conversations logged automatically, logged right

Freshsales CRM automatically logs conversations to the relevant lead and contact record, allowing you better insights on the progress of the sale. Now you don’t have to comb through a mountain of emails to find that particular conversation.

Do all of this and more with your sales CRM

Email to lead

Automatically create leads from emails, if the sender is not an existing lead or contact in Freshsales.

Email scheduling

Communicate with customers in different time zones and send emails when they are most likely to be read.

Forward emails

Sell from any inbox, forward or BCC emails, and follow up on conversations right from Freshsales.

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