Email management simplified

Email is one of the most important forms of communication we've ever known. Although over the past decade, social media has changed the way we communicate, email still remains important in business communications. It’s also the preferred method of communicating with customers.

Irrespective of the size of your business, you are most likely to use email every day for contacting customers, reaching out to new prospects, following up with inquiries, etc. Email clients (like Gmail, Outlook) let you send and receive emails. They also allow you to include attachments, categorize emails into folders, and search emails. While a standalone email client works great for communication purposes, it falls short when you compare it with email management systems.

An email management system like CRM software helps you take a holistic approach to customer relationship management. By integrating email with customer management practices, CRM software helps you get more out of your business, from one spot.

Freshsales CRM integrates your email client into the CRM software, allowing you to send and receive emails while managing all your customer information in one place.

Boost productivity by syncing your emails

When your customer’s records and emails are stored in different systems, your sales reps don’t have a clear picture of your customer’s needs. The email management system in Freshsales gives you access to every sales interaction, eliminating the need to switch between applications. By connecting your mailbox (any email client), you can send mails from your email client or Freshsales, and find them in the 'Sent' folder of both apps.

Conversations logged automatically, logged right

For businesses, having customer interactions in one central place is insightful and advantageous when it comes to selling; you wouldn’t have to comb through your inbox to find conversations with a contact. In Freshsales, your emails are automatically linked to the relevant contact and grouped by conversations. You can also track emailscreate templates, and send bulk emails without leaving the CRM software.

Get email notifications

Some people have the tendency to check emails too often during the day. Not only is it a distraction from tasks, but it’s also a productivity killer. With the best of both CRM and email management in Freshsales, you get real-time notifications on new emails so you spend less time refreshing your inbox and have more time to close sales. Even better—Freshsales CRM filters out the emails that need your response in the Awaiting Response folder, so you don’t forget to respond to your customers.

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