Holistic view of customer interactions with your business

To build better customer relationships and close more deals, you need to understand your customers in-depth and make meaningful, relevant conversations. Freshsales’s event tracking analytics helps you elevate your sales conversations to a whole new level by tracking every little touchpoint—sales interaction and engagement pattern on website, product and email—in a chronological timeline view.

Create custom events to know what your prospects and customers do inside your website and product. See the pages that piqued their interest, the actions performed—signups and downloads—on each page, who is actively trailing your product, who has adopted a new feature and who is slipping away. From this event tracking data, get insights to plan your next best actions and move leads up the sales ladder.

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Track email opens and link clicks

Freshsales’ event tracking analytics gives you granular information about your emails. See who is most interested in what you’re selling by finding out what happens after you send an email - whether it’s opened, clicked or bounced. Effectively engage with your best prospects by targeting the next set of email actions.

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Do all of this and more with your sales CRM

Advanced Lead Scoring

Score leads by their characteristics and behavior. Prioritise follow-ups with those who are likely to turn, and those who require nurturing.

Behavior based filtering

Know how engaged a prospect is with your company by filtering their activities based on the data collected by Freshsales.

Segment Integration

If you use Segment to track website and in-app activities, you can easily push your leads’ and contacts’ events into Freshsales.

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