Identify and target sales-ready leads

Your business may receive hundreds of leads. Imagine if your sales reps went through each lead simply based on intuition or in the order assigned. Without being able to spot hot leads from the cold leads, time and energy are lost, and viable opportunities are overlooked because leads weren’t prioritized. A lead scoring model solves the problem of effectively prioritizing sales leads.

What is lead scoring?

Lead scoring is the practice of ranking leads based on their engagement with your business. By assigning scores to leads, you’re able to easily differentiate qualified and unqualified leads. This allows your sales reps to invest their valuable time in pursuing the right sales leads for your business. Because your resources are extremely valuable, maximize sales opportunities by focusing on the hottest leads first with the help of a lead scoring tool. Although there are standalone lead scoring tools, one that’s built into your Sales CRM software is highly beneficial for your sales team.

Freshsales is a CRM software with built-in AI-based lead scoring that ranks your sales leads using explicit and implicit lead data. It allows you to customize lead scoring rules to help your sales reps identify and target new leads for your business, ensuring they focus on the best ones.

Rank leads by characteristic and behavior

The “ideal customer” differs from business to business. So customizing lead scoring specific to your company is important to maximize your opportunities. In Freshsales, you can customize scores by lead property and interactions—email, application and web. You can add points to leads that meet your buyer persona to prioritize leads you should be speaking to. You can also minus points for leads that don’t match your qualifying criteria like a lead in a location that’s beyond your reach. This helps you weed out leads that are a waste of your time. By prioritizing leads in your sales CRM, you get to increase efficiency and save time for your sales team.

lead score customization lead score customization

Get deeper insights into lead quality

Every time your lead engages with your business in some way—opened an email, visited website, etc, their lead score gets updated. So before you interact with the lead, getting intent insight into their lead scores in your CRM software will give you an understanding of their interest levels. Freshsales tracks week-on-week increase and decrease in lead score, and insights into factors that contributed to the score. Use this information to align your follow-up to the lead’s activity.

lead scoring lead scoring

Reduce churn. Retain customers

Freshsales Lead Scoring is, well... not just for leads, it also scores your contacts. Based on the customer’s engagement level with your company, Freshsales tells you when a customer is likely to churn so you can catch those signals before it’s too late. You can quickly see how your contacts are interacting with your business by filtering contacts based on lead score.

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Do all of this and more with your sales CRM

Filter & Sort leads

Use filters to quickly sort your sales leads using lead score and other criteria.

Call the best leads

Talk to your best leads right from Freshsales using the built-in phone.

Send bulk emails

Nurture leads by sending them personalized bulk emails.

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