Rank leads by characteristics and behavior

Let’s face it. Your sales teams are pressed for time. They follow up with a hundred leads each day, send emails and make phone calls round the clock. But if the number of deals closed at the end is minimal, then your sales reps are definitely chasing the wrong leads who are never going to convert to customers! The key to closing deals faster is to find and talk to your red-hot prospects, and a Lead Scoring system lets you do just that with ease.

Freshsales Lead Scoring assigns points to your leads based on their engagement pattern with your company, giving you a clear picture of the sales leads that are looking for a quick fling and the ones that are looking for a long-term relationship.

Freshsales Lead Scoring lets you rank your leads using their explicit or implicit data. Set up rules to add or subtract points to leads based on their job title or industry, and the pages they visited on your website, the features enabled in your product, and the email opens and link clicks. After all, the more engaged the lead is with your company, the more likely they are to turn into your customer, right?

Pick out the hot lead at a glance

Even with hundreds of leads in your CRM, the Lead Scoring model in Freshsales lets you easily spot your best leads right from the list view. You can quickly segment your leads into different buckets, giving you a better picture of the ones that are sales-ready and the ones that require nurturing. By prioritizing leads based on scores, you can quickly push the right leads through your sales funnel.

Reduce churn. Retain customers

Freshsales Lead Scoring is, well... not just for leads, it also scores your contacts. Based on the customer’s engagement level with your company, Freshsales tells you when a customer is likely to churn so you can catch those signals before it’s too late. What’s more, we also tell you the reason behind the dip in lead score, helping you strike while the iron is hot.

Do all of this and more with your sales CRM

Filter & Sort leads

Use filters to quickly sort your sales leads using lead score and other criteria.

Call the best leads

Talk to your best leads right from Freshsales using the built-in phone.

Send bulk emails

Nurture leads by sending them personalized bulk emails.

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