Click to close, track your sales leads

With hundreds of leads in your CRM each day, it can be quite a challenging task to know which ones are really interested in your solution and where they stand in your sales pipeline. The lead tracking solutions in Freshsales give you a clear understanding of where your leads are in the lifecycle.

Based on a variety of parameters, including country, deal value, and deal stage, you can auto-assign leads to territories in a round robin format. This way you don’t have to manually assign leads every time.

Surface your best leads, reach out to them

Based on a lead’s characteristics and behavior on your website and web app, you can score leads. Use this score to find out how engaged a lead is with your website/product. The leads with the highest score go right to the top, so you don’t have to scan through a list to find your hottest leads. All you need to do is reach out to them at the right time and move them further down the sales funnel.

Follow-ups made easy from the CRM

The CRM lead tracking software comes with built-in phone and email, letting you make more calls and send emails right from Freshsales. The conversations are automatically logged, allowing you to spend more time on selling than on data entry.

The email management solution in Freshsales has a whole bunch of tools to send emails effectively to your prospects and customers. You can send bulk emails, track their open and click response, schedule emails, create templates and a lot more in Freshsales CRM. Lead tracking isn’t daunting anymore.

On the Phone front, you can buy local and toll-free numbers of any country, opt to record calls, and choose to take calls from phone or the desktop.

Smart reporting for smart decisions

Freshsales lead tracking platform comes with customized reporting that helps you monitor and track your leads visually with elegant, graphical tables and charts. Preview reports before you run them, share the reports or export them as .CSV files.

Set simple or advanced logic
Summary or matrix reports
Create graphical charts

Do all of this and more with your sales CRM

Customize lead stages

Make Freshsales your own by customizing the lead stages according to your business process.

Automate sales activities

Automate day-to-day sales activities like capturing leads, enriching them, assigning to sales teams and more.

Tasks & appointments

Collaborate with your team over tasks and appointments, and track your sales activities.

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