Grow your business with a CRM you’ll never outgrow

As a business owner, your goal is to serve your customers better and to keep your business growing. And as your business grows, you expand into newer territories and regions. It’s a wonderful feeling but as the new adage goes, every silver lining has a cloud to it. With each new territory, you need to tailor your business to operate the local way. This means your business needs to speak the language, in everyday conversations and in currency.  

Freshsales CRM makes it easier for businesses to operate in different regions with the latest multi-language and multi-currency feature. Each user can customize the CRM to speak their language.

Set up currencies without the pain of conversion

As your business goes global, your team starts selling in different currencies. With Freshsales, you can customize your deal value to reflect the currency you’re dealing in, from the preset option. However, the exchange rate is set when a user initially adds the Currency record to CRM and it must be updated manually. The problem, of course, is that exchange rates happen to vary over time and it would be quite tedious to have someone manually update all the exchange rates at set intervals. This is where the power of automation can come in handy Freshsales supports 150+ currencies, that can be auto-converted from the base currency set for the account. Simply choose the currency from the drop-down for each deal, and the field will reflect the converted value.

Translate your CRM into any language

Users can personally customize Freshsales to speak their language. You can choose from 34 languages to view your data in your preferred choice. Freshsales also supports right-to-left control across the app for languages like Arabic and Hebrew. This is most useful when you have teams sitting out from different parts of the globe, say, in Italy, Spain, or even Qatar.

30+ languages and counting

30+ languages