What is a sales pipeline?

In a sales CRM, pipelines are the virtual representation of your customer’s journey in the real world. You create stages like “New”, “Follow-up” and “Under Review”, and you slot your deals under the respective stages. Moving deals from one stage to another is usually through a simple drag-and-drop. The adjoining image gives you an idea of what a pipeline looks like.

Visual sales pipeline in Freshsales

When do you need multiple sales pipelines?

Every business has a unique sales process. If you’re selling different products, or you’re targeting different types of markets, your unique sales process could become unique sales processes. This is when multiple sales pipelines can help you capture every deal’s journey, in all its nuances.

Say you have different sales processes for inbound and outbound sales, or for direct deals and partnership deals. You can create separate pipelines, with different deal stages for each pipeline.

How do multiple sales pipelines work in Freshsales?

You start off with a default pipeline which Freshsales creates for you (this is customizable). You can create up to 10 custom pipelines. If you’re moving to Freshsales from another sales CRM, you can import your pipelines. If you’re a sales manager and you prefer to track the status of each pipeline separately, you can even create a custom view for each pipeline.

Multiple sales pipelines in Freshsales

Do all of this and more with your sales CRM

Customize, filter and sort deals

Filter deals by potential value and expected close date. Add, edit and remove stages easily; simplify deal management.

Measure and analyze

Get in-depth sales analytics via reports. Identify your star performers, find out potential sales areas, review time taken to close each deal, understand and analyze lost deals.

Track deals on the go

Using Freshsales mobile apps, access your important deals on the go in iOS and Android. Keep track of your deal's details before you step into a meeting.

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