Sales activities boost sales success

It takes a village to raise a child; closing a deal is no different. A successful sales opportunity is the result of several sales activities a salesperson takes to move the deal forward.

When we think of sales activity, more than always, we tie it to the routine phone call or email. But, the modern day salesperson engages in more than just calls and emails at every step of the sales cycle. They’re looking at a whole new ball game when it comes to competitive selling. Salespersons initiate sales activities on social media, chat, face-to-face meetings, web conferencing, and other ways.  

There’s no limit to the kind of sales activities it takes to close deals. But, with this advancement comes the need for you to track every type of activity and evaluate the outcomes of each for future success.

Create and track your sales activities in Freshsales CRM

Freshsales gives extended sales activity management capabilities so you can create action items, schedule your calendar, get reminders and notifications, track your performance, and even automate specific activities. Activities and deals co-exist in your CRM allowing you to stay on top of everything you need to do to close that sale.

Create an activity, any activity

It’s not just emails and phone calls, Freshsales lets you create any custom activity to fit your business. You can also customize the outcomes for each activity. And, if you enable the “Check-in” option for a relevant activity which requires sales reps to be physically present at a location, you can instantly confirm your presence from the Freshsales mobile app, and keep your team in the loop.

Sales activities in Freshsales

Schedule your calendar

Freshsales syncs your activities to your Calendar so you can take a quick look at what your schedule looks like in the future. You can also connect your Google Calendar to Freshsales, and sync your appointments in one place, and avoid the common meeting conflicts of the sales world.

Appointments dashboard in Freshsales

Get reminders and notifications

Quickly check your scheduled and overdue tasks in the sales pipeline view with color-coded icons. Green is for activity scheduled, yellow for no activity, and red for overdue activity. Personalize your activity notifications in Freshsales on desktop and mobile. You can even get activity reminders sent to your inbox.  

Set up workflow for your tasks

Some tasks in a sales cycle are common for deals. It could be a follow-up phone call or sending out a welcome message to new subscribers. And, it’s actually easy to forget to perform such tasks. So why not automate them instead? Use Workflows in Freshsales to automatically create a task for when a new lead signs up, to follow-up activity for an email you sent, and several more possibilities.