What is Smartforms?

Take a moment to imagine this. You’ve just got a signup from your website. You make this person a new lead in your CRM by manually keying in their details. A quick glance at their information and you feel you need to know more about this person. So you do some research and find their LinkedIn profile. You learn about their industry, make notes, and you decide that you’re ready to get on a call with them.

Phew. Job done, yes, but job done quickly? Not quite.

That’s where Smartforms can help.

Smartforms is a piece of code. Use this code on your website, and wait for your next visitor to fill out your web form. When they hit Sign up, your visitor will automatically be created as a new lead in Freshsales! Smartforms re-imagines the web-to-lead process and creates the quickest, smoothest route between your website and the sales CRM.

Wait, that’s not all. While creating the new lead, Smartforms automatically populates their profile with valuable information, like their activity on your website, social media profiles and photo. Now you know why it’s called Smartforms!

What makes Smartforms better?
  • You don’t have to create a form to match with the fields in your CRM. Freshsales automatically picks up data from your existing web form and maps it to your sales CRM.
  • You don’t need multiple codes for forms written in different languages. You don’t need a new code every time you edit your form. Smartforms is built for simplicity: any website, any form, one code.
  • When Freshsales cannot map your form’s fields with the CRM, you don’t have to worry about losing data. It gets preserved as notes in the lead’s profile.

How do I get started?

Step 1

Go to Admin Settings > Integrations > Smartforms.

Smartforms in Freshsales
Step 2

Copy the code snippet.

Smartforms in Freshsales
Step 3

Paste the snippet in the <header> or <footer> tag of your website’s HTML code.

3 immediate benefits of using Smartforms

360° view of leads in seconds

Your web form gets you the lead’s basic details, of course, but with Smartforms, you also find their social media profiles, photo and website activity neatly collected in your sales CRM.

No more manual data entry

Smartforms is part of Freshsales’ efforts to help businesses automate workflows using the CRM. Why manually enter a new lead’s information when the CRM can fetch it for you?

Coding knowledge not required

You don’t have to depend on developers—either in your team or with the CRM folks—to get Smartforms working for you. Don’t let coding keep you from optimizing sales activities.

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