Don’t let high-intent leads fall through the cracks

If you’re in sales, then finding hot leads are like mining gold, and website signups are your best source of such signups. Now, let's imagine that your website is like a hallway. You wouldn't want to keep such leads waiting in the hallway, you would want them to walk up to you through the door. How would you that?

Introducing Web Forms

Web Forms from Freshsales allows you to create, and customize forms according to your business and brand requirements and then embed them within your website or emails to capture high-intent leads. Details filled into these forms are automatically captured in your Freshsales CRM, all without a single line of code! Starting from scratch? Use Classic Forms to build, customize, and deploy a form on your website. Already have a form on your website? Use Smart Forms to automatically receive form data in your Freshsales CRM.

From deployment to data collection, all in a matter of minutes.

From deployment to data collection, all in a matter of minutes.


Contact Forms

Every website needs to have a contact form—it is the most familiar way for website visitors to start a relationship with you besides say, phone and email.

Sign-up Forms

If you run a SaaS company, creating a frictionless sign-up form is an important barrier to cross. If you nail this, you’ve pretty much nailed your business.

Blog Subscription Forms

If you have a blog, then having a subscription form that allows your visitors to slice and dice content according to their preferences is a no-brainer.

Request a Quote/Consultation

A request form is a great lead conversion tool as it typically asks low-barrier questions that you can then send personalized replies to.

Event Registration Forms

Hosting an event? Make your registration forms as exciting and as eye-catching as your events by customizing them.

Lead Generation Forms

Gated content leads are valuable because they provide you vital information that allows you to create different nurture buckets and onboarding strategies.

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