What are Intelligent Workflows?

Well, for a salesperson, Intelligent Workflows are just the next best thing after the invention of the wheel!

Following up on leads, sending emails, raising invoices are some of the repetitive tasks that every salesperson needs to do every day. Repetitive tasks end up becoming mundane and that’s when errors kick in. We may forget sending that one welcome email or worse still, skip an invoice generation. With Intelligent Workflows from Freshsales, you can sit back and let the system do all the work for you. In short, these workflow automations provide a simple point-and-click interface that enables you to set up, automate and run virtually any business process.

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Nice ‘N’ Easy every single time

Using Intelligent Workflows in Freshsales, you can automate even the most complex business processes in a jiffy by creating simple “if-then” like rules. Once a rule has been created, these rules scan for triggers you define, such as a new lead being created, or a change in deal status as “Closed/Won.” Once a trigger has been detected, an action of your choice, such as sending an email, updating a record, or using webhooks to send instant notifications to connected applications is performed. So set up workflow automations, spend your time better and start closing deals faster.

Intelligent CRM Workflow

How do I get started ?

Step 1

Log in to Freshsales as an Admin and select Automation settings and then select Workflows.

Intelligent workflows in CRM
Step 2

Click on 'New Workflow', give your workflow a name and a description, choose when you want to execute it and add relevant conditions.

Intelligent workflows in CRM
Step 3

Provide the set of actions to be performed and then click on 'Save' once you're done.

Intelligent workflows in CRM

Six reasons why you should use Intelligent Workflows from                                                         Freshsales

Never miss a beat

Get things to happen like clockwork. Give your team a productivity boost by automating key tasks.

Show some love

Send automated, yet personalized welcome and follow-up emails to prospects and customers.

All hands on deck

Trigger webhooks and send instant notifications via connected applications.

Make a smart move

Track user behavior in your website or app and leverage these insights for smarter conversations.

Right here, right now

Make updating records a cinch with real-time, automatic lead status updates.

Seal the deal

Don’t chase the wrong deals. Use key deal metrics to automatically surface your stale deals.

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