Automatically qualify your leads using workflows

At Freshsales, we always believe in improving your productivity as a sales rep, at every stage of the sales cycle, so you can focus on what you like most: selling!

Imagine a scenario where one of your leads has recently been very active. They’re evaluating your product, but they escape your notice and fall through the cracks. Frustrating? Yes, but it happens so often in sales.

Now Freshsales can save you from this frustration by auto-qualifying the lead and adding it to your deal pipeline.

Auto Lead Qualification

With Freshsales, you can auto-qualify leads based on the conditions you set using workflow automation. This automation reduces your manual effort and helps you stay on top of things.

Here’s how:

You know that lead score ranks leads by their sales-readiness, but it’s hard to figure out if leads will be sales-ready tomorrow or the next week. This is when you can use workflows to identify hot leads based on lead score and and auto-qualify them, converting the lead into a contact. At this time of converting, you can also choose to create a deal in your pipeline.


Using lead score to auto-qualify is one example; you can choose to convert the lead based on your business criteria by just configuring the conditions in the workflow, like Lead stage is Demo Completed or Interested.

Check out this workflow automation and let us know what you think.

Happy Selling!

Available Plans :This feature is available from Garden Pricing Plan.