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Scale communication with customers through their everyday messaging apps

Most customers today are on messaging apps. If you don’t leverage this for customer engagement, you’re losing out on a huge opportunity.

Unlike Intercom, you can natively integrate Freshchat with messaging apps like WhatsApp and Apple Business Chat. Engage your customers on apps they use everyday from a single, unified platform. 

Provide a unified support experience with native CX

Intercom is a live chat tool with a bit of CRM and bit of help desk. But a bit of everything limits you when you want to scale.

With Freshchat you get a customer engagement solution that natively integrates with Freshworks’s flagship help desk and CRM, Freshdesk and Freshsales.

You also get access to our extensive Marketplace with 100 plus apps.

Build a repeatable growth engine with bots



Freshchat’s Conversational AI focuses on intent, delight, and is your team’s perfect ally. 


Our chatbots don’t just stop at deflection. It engages customers and closes the loop on conversation.

Automate chat distribution with Intelligent Load Balancing

Unlike Intercom’s round-robin which only does basic chat distribution, Freshchat’s IntelliAssign ensures there is no idle conversation clogging your team’s pipeline. 

IntelliAssign also distributes chats based on your team member’s skill level making sure your team members are assigned conversations they’re skilled in handling.

Intercom hurts your bottomline!

Don’t bleed your investor’s money or worse yet, your own. Let’s call a spade a spade, Intercom has the reputation (and it’s true) of being an overpriced product that frustrates its customers with unpredictable and complicated pricing model.

Intercom penalises you for growing! 

With Freshchat, you pay exactly what you sign up for. 

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