Don’t just manage conversations. Ace them.

Overwhelming and lost chat threads? Discover Message Channels.

Categorize conversations into topic-based channels. Set the right tone with a welcome message and route chats to team members in pre-defined groups. Keep messages topical and accessible.

Topic based channels vs lost threads in Intercom chat

Look beyond basic chat assignment. Route messages intelligently.

Trouble with team resources, increased chat volumes, and unequal distribution? Use Intelliassign to route and assign conversations to team members within groups with pre-defined rules like skill levels, current load, and chat keywords.

Intelligent routing vs round robin assignment in Intercom chat

Make data-driven decisions. Monitor in real-time.

Get a real-time visual summary of your team’s performance. Measure speed of response, conversation trends, resolution time, CSAT rating, and deep dive into any team member’s workload.

Real-time insights vs basic monitoring in Intercom chat

Target with precision. Send messages that resonate and convert.

Target with precision. Send messages that resonate and convert.

Advanced triggers and campaigns

Target deep, and target to granular levels using event attributes and user properties.

Bot which does more than operate

Automate lead capture, qualify responses, and auto-upload them into the CRM.

All the context in one place

Make data-backed conversations by pulling information from external apps using SmartPlugs.


Don’t make self-service a silo

Bring your self-service and messaging experience together

With an integrated FAQ section and search bar inside the web messenger, your visitors can browse for solutions and talk to your team from the same place. Support 31 languages with multilingual FAQs, provide rich media support, and get feedback on articles to educate, support, and convert.

Integrated FAQ vs siloed self-service in Intercom chat

Celebrate growing leads and users. Get unlimited data for free on every plan.

Pay based on the number of active team members and not the number of users and leads you engage with.

Fixed agent seatsActive team member pricing
Limited visitors and user dataUnlimited and accessible data on every plan

No deal breakers; Let’s get you on board

What all apps does Freshchat integrate with?

Freshchat currently integrates with Slack, Facebook Messenger, ClearBit Reveal and also has plugins built for Wordpress and Shopify. Freshchat also seamlessly integrates with both Freshdesk and Freshsales by allowing their support and sales teams to carry the messenger with them inside these apps.

Are there any offers for startups?

Yes, we do offer a custom quote for early stage companies. Write to us at with your messaging needs for us to get back to you with a quote.

How is Freshchat's pricing better than Intercom's?

Freshchat charges you for active team members only (We will credit your account for members who left midway or are vacationing) and does not charge you for the number of leads and users or people your account is tracking. With unlimited contacts, get unlimited data of your leads and users and grow without any additional costs. Don’t worry about deleting existing data to accommodate new ones or paying more.

Does Freshchat have a mobile SDK for users and a mobile app for team members?

Yes. Freshchat's mobile SDK comes with powerful features like in-app chat support, native FAQs, push notifications, multilingual support, team member profile, real-time insights, and more. Freshchat also gives team members the liberty to engage, sell, and support from wherever they are with Android and iOS apps.

What are some of the ways Freshchat can help automate tasks?

Freshchat automates tasks and brings team members closer to their goals in multiple ways. Some of the features that help get more done in lesser time includes Canned responses, Powerful search, Bulk actions, Bulk edits, Private notes, Desktop notifications, Business hours, and IntelliAssign.

How does Freshchat help with missed chats?

With Priority Inbox, team members can get on top of the most urgent conversations by getting a ranked view of messages based on response time due, and thus responding to every vital conversation. Push notifications and summary of unread chats sent to users and leads via email helps keep missed chats at bay.