The only complete Intercom alternative in the market

To put it gently, Intercom is an overpriced messaging tool with a bit of CRM and a bit of helpdesk. But a ‘little bit of everything’ limits you when you want to scale.

Choose a customer engagement solution that sets you up for growth and success right from day one. Freshchat natively integrates ‘messaging’ with Freshworks’ full-fledged CRM and helpdesk solutions, Freshsales and Freshdesk.

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Add WhatsApp to your omnichannel mix

Your customers are on WhatsApp, and so should your business!
Freshchat is now truly bringing an omnichannel experience by integrating natively with WhatsApp, by taking your business to where your customers are.
We are making it much easier for your customers to reach you. You can now engage, respond and manage conversations coming via Whatsapp right from your Freshchat dashboard. Learn more about it here.

intercom alternative

Intercom is hurting your bottom line

Don't bleed your investor's money or worse yet, your own.

Let’s call a spade a spade, Intercom has the reputation (and it's true) of being an overpriced product that frustrates its customers with unpredictable and fluctuating pricing.

What you pay for in Intercom
intercom alternative, intercom pricing plan

*Intercom penalises you for growing :(

You keep paying for customers you no longer are in contact with. 


What you pay for in Freshchat
intercom alternative
Our invoices don’t startle customers :)

You pay exactly what you sign up for. Learn more about our pricing plans.

See what else Intercom is denying you

A round-robin that does more


Unlike Intercom’s round-robin which only does chat distribution, IntelliAssign ensures that no idle conversation is clogging your agent's pipeline. It automatically marks idle conversations as inactive and assigns new incoming chats to that agent. Also when a resolved chat is opened again, i.e. if the same customer reaches out to you again within a period of time, the conversation will be assigned to the same agent to maintain context.

Additionally, IntelliAssign also distributes chats based on the agent's skill level. This way your most experienced agents can take on more chats.

See how IntelliAssign can really make the difference.

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Don't rely on reports alone, it may be too late

Real-time Dashboard

Every new chat that comes into the queue affects your metrics. So being on top of your agents can get tricky if you only have access to downloadable reports. Freshchat’s Dashboard provides you with real-time and up to date data as the chats come in so your reports are never outdated.

Learn more about how Dashboard can help you keep track of your team.

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Staying on top of conversations that matter

Custom View

Admins and team members can create custom chat views to identify conversations that are assigned to a specific group or a set of team members, or mapped to a message channel. This helps team members jump in on conversations that need them the most, or shadow others on the team.

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Switch easily from Intercom to Freshchat

We understand that moving is hard. Exactly why we’ve built a migration tool to help you seamlessly import your contacts (people) and conversations (chats).

We import people from intercom as contacts in Freshdesk, and chats will be moved as resolved tickets. This would help in retaining context, along with importing customer details into the system.


intercom alternative

Make the move. Switch from Intercom to Freshchat today.

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