What can you do with Freshmarketer?

What can you do with Freshmarketer?

Analyze visitor behavior using dynamic heatmaps

With dynamic heatmaps you can track every click and scroll in real-time for even the moving elements on your website like sliders, drop-downs and falling cards.

Optimize web pages with an easy-to-use visual editor

Easily edit web pages with Freshmarketer’s visual editor even without technical expertise. From text changes to image and dynamic elements, you can make changes in a jiffy.

Engage with visitors and receive direct feedback

Engage with your website visitors by conducting polls. Customize the poll widget with the easy-to-use color palette to match your website’s theme. It's really that simple.

Provide personalized experience to different audience segments

Target specific visitors who match a set of characteristics or behavior and get conversions from right group of people. Target visitors based on geolocation, language, page visits, device types and
much more.

Integrate seamlessly with other tools

Connect with powerful web services to sync your visitor data at one place. Get connected with the ecommerce platforms and Google Analytics to leverage your visitor data for deeper insights.

What makes Freshmarketer unique?

All the tools that you need in one pack

Save your time and money by not juggling between tools. Everything you need to analyze, optimize and personalize website is at one place.

Do more with the Chrome extension

Create experiments in just two minutes with our Industry’s first Chrome extension. Easily manage your experiments with one click from wherever you are on the web.

Track everything in real-time

Capture visitor action on your website and render user journey in real-time. Track every click, scroll, conversion, and drop-off and uncover insights that were never imagined.

Everything you need for website optimization


Visualize visitors’ activity on your website. Identify clicks, scrolls in real-time. Spot and fix broken links, distracting images, and poorly performing website elements.

Session Replay

Capture your website visitors’ experience and identify where they get stuck, which sections are widely preferred, and the ones that are neglected.

A/B Testing

Validate website assumptions to identify better converting web pages. Create variations easily with the WYSIWYG editor and measure revenue goals.

Split Testing

Test multiple URLs, multiple variations to make complex design changes on your site, which can result in better conversions and increase your revenue.


Customize experiences for your website visitors and gently nudge them to convert. Set up and run personalized experience without involving your tech team.

Form Analytics

Optimize your forms to generate more leads. Measure drop-offs, hesitation time, correction rate, and other metrics to optimize and convert more visitors into leads.

Funnel Analytics

Track visitor drop-offs on your multi-page website, and identify where exactly the conversion opportunity was missed.

Polls and Feedback

Keep your audience engaged and prevent them from exiting your site by triggering messages at the right time.

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