Optimize variations in real time

Test, target and validate your ideas with extensive report and data segments. Still need more data? Integrate with Google Analytics for more granular insights.

Your variations, the way you want it

Instantly create variants of your web page with our easy to use WYSIWYG visual editor. Make changes to your page with a wide array of editing options to choose from.

Targeting and segmentation for focused test

Freshmarketer collects any and every visitor behavioral attributes you care about. With unique insight into every user, get right conversions from right audience.

Don’t stop with clicks. Measure Revenue

With revenue tracking goal, find the monetary value each click has generated. Add goal as ‘Revenue’ to start tracking revenue. Sometimes, money does matter!

Bypass Login Screens

With Chrome plugin, create variants of web pages and A/B test them beyond login screens. For the first time ever, bypass logins and optimize!