One set up. Five real-time reports.

Identify pain points of your web form with five great reports, instantly. Measure hesitation time, abandonment rate, drop-off, time spent on the form, correction rate and much more.

Field level analytics

Get conversion critical information of every form field by just providing URL of the form page and we take care of the rest.

Drop-off report

Form drop-off report lets you gauge the effectiveness of form submission. Identify the last typed field before the visitor abandoned the form.

Hesitation time report

Identify form fields where visitors are hesitant to fill in.The idle time to fill-in includes time in thinking or ambiguity related to the field.

Refill report

Freshmarketer’s form refill report helps to identify the erroneous and ambiguous form fields. The greater the number of refills made by the visitors, the higher the field is confusing.