[eBook] Improving eCommerce website conversions with Freshmarketer


According to Statista’s report, around 1.8 billion people were global digital buyers in 2018. Considering the world’s population of 7.6 billion people, a staggering 20% of the world has shopped online. No wonder e-commerce is a trillion-dollar industry with over 12 million stores worldwide. Sadly, only 110,000 of them generate meaningful revenue.

While the exact reason for the failure of the remaining 11.89 million stores is unknown, it can be safely assumed that either:

  • The websites didn’t have enough traffic (or)
  • The websites didn’t generate enough sales

And these issues, prevalent everywhere, including your eCommerce site, need to be addressed. 

Whether your site is newly set up or has been around for some time, having enough traffic is mandatory for sales to happen. This is where marketing can step in, to help you gain traffic and acquire customers.

In this guide, we would be focussing on how you could get more sales from your eCommerce website with Freshmarketer’s conversion optimization suite. To see results from your conversion optimization efforts, your eCommerce website should have significant traffic.

What is Freshmarketer?

Freshmarketer is a complete marketing automation software that helps you capture quality leads, engage with your customers via emails, and foster better communication between your sales and marketing teams. Built with a powerful automation and a conversion optimization module, it helps marketers manage customers’ entire buying journey with their brand.

Solving poor eCommerce sales performance

A quick glance across some of the popular forums indicate that eCommerce businesses struggle to achieve high sales volume. However, with the right approach, it shouldn’t take an army of veteran marketers or cost a fortune to improve your eCommerce sales. 

A standard approach to optimize your eCommerce website for better sales would look like:

Understanding visitor behavior

First, you have to understand why your visitors don’t turn into customers. Think about why they don’t stay on your site long enough, or why you don’t have repeat purchases. For this, you need to figure out what visitors are doing on your website.

Gone are the days when we would rely solely on analytics tools like Google Analytics(GA) to understand visitor behavior. While GA provides hard data, it was (and still is) difficult to identify what exactly your visitors were doing on your site, which part of your page was the most/least engaging, and more. Freshmarketer’s heatmaps and session replays help you accomplish just that. 


Heatmaps provide you with an overview of what your visitors are doing on the different pages of your online store. They identify visitor actions like clicks, taps, and scrolls, and help you discover usability issues like broken links, misplaced CTAs, etc., that you may have missed.

Freshmarketer’s heatmaps are dynamic, accurate, easy-to-use, and work across multiple devices. 

What can Freshmarketer heatmaps do for your e-commerce website?

  1. Understand click metrics for web page elements

Use case: Identify the popular categories on your homepage. 

With Freshmarketer’s clickmaps, you can track visitor clicks on the different categories. Simply run a heatmap experiment on your home page, and get to see where the maximum clicks happen. Maximum clicks denote maximum visitor engagement, so you would have successfully identified your popular categories.

2. Identify scroll behavior and reach of visitors

Use case: Identify visitors’ engagement with landing pages

Say, for example, your cart abandonment emails link to a landing page on your website. You want to know how many users scroll to the end of the page. Freshmarketer’s clickmaps provide insights on the scroll behavior of your website users across the different folds of your web page.

3. Heatmaps for critical website pages

As an eCommerce website, it is crucial to have heatmaps setup for critical/most visited pages on your entire site. So, you can understand your visitors’ engagement with those pages and optimize accordingly. But, instead of setting up heatmaps for every page, you can run a heatmap experiment for your entire website

Freshmarketer also lets you configure a single heatmap for a specific set of pages. With Regex match patterns, a single heatmap experiment can run on a particular set of pages.

4. Identify visitor interactions on dynamic elements on your site

Your site has various dynamic elements, be it sliders, dropdowns, or pop-ups. Freshmarketer’s heatmaps capture visitors’ clicks and scrolls for every web page component, including overlays, or content behind login screens.

5. Viewing heatmaps of different visitor segments

Use-case: Identify a particular audience’s engagement with your website

For example, say you want to understand how a visitor engages with your site vs. how your customer engages with it. With advanced segmentation, you can view heatmaps for your different visitor segments. Say, visitors, coming from specific campaigns, or visitors from a particular location.


Session Replay

Session replays help you understand what your visitors are doing on your site in real-time. They identify usability issues like poor navigation, page loading time, form issues, etc.

Freshmarketer’s session replays have advanced filters and laser-precise targeting capabilities that capture every single visitor’s activity.

What can you do with Freshmarketer’s session replay?

  1. Identify distracting elements on web pages

Freshmarketer’s session replays provide empirical evidence on what’s working or not across your web pages. For eg., session replays help you understand why most of your customers abandon their carts at a particular stage, say while applying a coupon code.

2. Increase order completion

Session replays help you track incomplete orders and pinpoint the reasons behind it. It can also help you discover issues with

  • Payment
  • Checkout process
  • Mandatory account creation
  • Trust factors like payment security, etc.
3. Predictive support

Freshmarketer’s session replays integrate with Freshdesk, our support software, to predict and fix customer issues even before they reach you. So, you get more context, resolve customer queries instantly without going back and forth between conversations, and requesting screenshots.

4. Formulate strong hypotheses for conversion experiments

With the insights from session replays, you can come up with data-backed hypotheses for your experiments to improve conversions. 

For instance, if you notice that more visitors are reading your product messaging, you can experiment with the copy. This will be more effective than blindly testing the color of your CTA buttons.

5. Gain deeper insights into your different visitor segments

Consider your website has a monthly traffic of 100K visitors. It is physically impossible to go through every one of your visitor recordings to gain insights. But with Freshmarketer’s advanced filters, you can filter visitor sessions based on many factors like country, duration, activity score, etc.

For example, you may want to filter out session recordings of visitors vs. customers, to figure out what customers are doing differently on your site. Freshmarketer helps you achieve just that.

Track visitor journey

Now that you’ve got a fair idea of what visitors are doing on your site, it is time to track their journey. With Google Analytics reports, you can identify the behavior flow of your visitors superficially. Setting up custom funnels is available only in the paid version, aka GA360. The free version does not support event-based funnel steps and requires workarounds that may be complicated to execute.

However, with Funnel Analytics, Freshmarketer can help you track visitor journeys. Your funnels can include either page URLs or custom events. It identifies where exactly visitors drop off from your site and helps you fix those pages. 

Some examples of website funnels include

Tip: To get the most out of your funnel analysis, use them in combination with session replays. Identify the page with maximum drop-offs. Search for the page sessions in the session replay module and view how your visitors’ behave on the low performing page.

Optimizing your website

Now that you’ve gathered sufficient insights on your visitor behavior, and identified potential conversion roadblocks, it is time to optimize them. Based on the information from heatmaps, session replays, and other tools, you would have come up with numerous ideas to improve your site and eliminate friction for your visitors.

A/B Testing and Split Testing

Freshmarketer provides a robust platform to carry out A/B and split test experiments effectively. Here are a few examples of what you can accomplish with Freshmarketer,

  1. Experiment copy/CTA/hero images

Whether you want to experiment with your website messaging, CTAs, images, or buttons, Freshmarketer has you covered. With its intuitive and easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor, you can start making changes on web pages without depending on your IT team.

2. Measure effectiveness of Adwords/Facebook/Instagram campaigns

Freshmarketer provides advanced targeting options for all your conversion experiments. You can run experiments for a specific group of visitors, say, for visitors coming from one particular social media campaign.

3. Make extensive code changes without breaking your website

Freshmarketer comes with its advanced javascript and CSS editor, which enables you to make complex code changes. For example, if you quickly want to add a button on your product page, for one of your active campaigns, you can easily do so. Implementing code changes on your website need not be delayed anymore. 

4. Test multiple variations with A/B/n testing

When you want to make multiple changes to a web page, A/B/n testing comes in handy. This, in comparison with the traditional two-page testing, helps you test different optimization ideas within a single experiment. The tradeoff here is the experiment running for a more extended period than a conventional A/B test.

For example, when you want to test the messaging, the CTA, and the product images on a single web page, then running an A/B/n test is your solution. Freshmarketer does not pose any limitations to the number of variations that you can run for a single experiment.

You’ve now adopted a structured process to improve your website conversions. That my friend is what you call conversion optimization. This is a guaranteed method to maximize sales from your eCommerce site since it adopts a scientific approach involving both qualitative and quantitative analysis. Don’t stop now, as conversion optimization is an ongoing activity that needs to be done continuously for your efforts to have a significant impact on your overall sales.

Fixing forms

One of the classic places where you’ll lose out on customers is the checkout process. It always pays to be diligent while designing registration/checkout forms, so you never lose a potential sale. Forms also capture quality leads and help you bring back lost revenue that you may have missed.

Forms are a necessary evil for your eCommerce store. There are numerous form issues that may crop up on your site. A few examples include broken form links, long-form fields, data collection issues, form latency, etc.

With Freshmarketer’s form analytics, it is easy to identify issues that deter conversions and optimize fields accordingly. Here are the metrics that Freshmarketer’s form analytics can measure:

  • Conversion rate
  • Abandon rate
  • Failed rate
  • Average time spent
  • Average time to complete
  • Drop-offs
  • Correction rate
  • Blank rate
  • Device engagement

Personalizing your website

So far, you’ve learned about your visitors, gathered sufficient insights, have run tests, and started to see your conversions rising. All you have to do now is, take your optimization efforts a notch higher with personalization.

Website personalization

Website personalization is when you alter your site based on your visitor preferences. It delights your customers and helps increase your website conversions. 

Freshmarketer makes it simple for you to create variations and helps you run personalization experiments on your site. 

Here are a few examples of personalization that you can make use of:

  1. Displaying different coupon code

Say, for example, you want to display coupon code to your visitors based on their age. With Freshmarketer’s custom attributes, you can set up a personalization experiment to present a different coupon code based on their age. 

How does it work?

A custom attribute is a user-defined attribute in Freshmarketer, to target a specific audience. In the above case, when you want to target customers by age, you have to define the custom attribute in Freshmarketer, by simply providing a name and an ID. Freshmarketer will generate a code that needs to be placed on your site. This code will fetch the ‘age’ information from your site and pass it to Freshmarketer. 

Freshmarketer will then show the right variation(or in this case, the correct coupon code) to the right audience based on the personalization experiment that you have set up.

2. Personalizing web page content for every visitor

For example, you are running an email campaign exclusively for your customers, and you want to personalize the landing page for every customer with their name. Freshmarketer helps you execute this with its personalization module.

The advanced code editor in Freshmarketer reads the name parameter from your customer’s URL and displays their name on the landing pages.

3. Personalizing web page for different visitor segments

You want to display different pages for your different audience segments. For example, you want to show different pages for your visitors based on their geolocation. With Freshmarketer’s advanced targeting capabilities, you can run a personalization experiment to display pages based on your visitors’ location.

Some of the advanced targeting that you can accomplish with Freshmarketer:

  • Visitor Characteristics – Device Type, Browser, Location, Language, etc
  • Behavioral Targeting – page views, visits, days since the last visit.
  • Source – Referrer URL, Query Parameters.
  • Custom Attributes.
  • Advanced Targeting – Cookies, Javascript, IP address, etc.

Engaging your visitors

Now that you’ve already paved the way for better conversions on your site, there’s a small but impactful method that we haven’t covered yet – engaging with your visitors. When you engage with your website visitors, you improve your chances of landing a conversion or, better yet, a sale.

Freshmarketer’s Polls and Feedback helps you engage with your visitors while they’re on your site and brings in better conversions.

Here are a few examples of how you can best use Freshmarketer’s polls on your website.

Exit polls: You can configure polls to pop-up when a visitor is about to abandon her cart and exit your site.

Triggered polls: Sometimes, there’s only so much cajoling you can do to persuade your visitors to buy from you. The next best thing you can get out of them is their contact information, aka email address. 

Freshmarketer helps you configure triggered polls on your site that capture visitor information.

NPS surveys: Freshmarketer helps you design NPS surveys so that you can gauge your customers’ satisfaction with your brand. This will provide you with more profound insights on your promoters and dissatisfied customers, and help you target them with suitable campaigns.

For example, you may run a referral program for your promoters or offer deep discounts to your customers who are dissatisfied with your e-store.

Freshchat Integration: Freshmarketer integrates with Freshchat, a live chat software that can help you drive more sales. It enables you to address customer issues in real-time, without going back and forth between conversations.


Poor sales cannot be attributed to one particular reason. There may be numerous factors prohibiting a simple website conversion, like a customer adding a product to his cart. Freshmarketer, with its robust feature set, enables you to overcome conversion roadblocks, delight your customers and get your sales soaring.