21 Email Marketing Stats to Get You Through 2019

“You don’t need to have a million followers to build a great business and have sales”- Woody Allen
That’s correct.

With email marketing, you need only a few thousand subscribers to build a great business. 

But that’s possible only if you are concentrating on your email marketing efforts. And, if you’re going to succeed you need to know the latest trends and industry stats.

You want to know what’s outdated and what’s the upcoming opportunities for your business.

But, that part is not easy. It’s difficult.

That is why we’ve pulled 21 super important email marketing stats for your business.
Let’s dive right in!

5 Statistics to Get More Clicks

Click rate tells how many successfully delivered emails actually registered a click. It is a strong indicator of your email marketing success and thus clicks stats occupy the top spot in this article.  

1) Emails with Video Clips Can Spike up Click-Through Rates by 300% (MartechAdvisor)

This says a lot about the importance of adding media especially videos.

2) Click-through Rates are 47% Higher for B2B Emails (E Marketing Platform)

That means businesses are more likely to read your emails than a consumer. This is because companies still depend on emails for their daily needs.

So if you’re B2B business than you really need to focus on your email marketing efforts.

3) Click-through Rates are 100.95% more for Segmented Emails (Mailchimp)

You can’t treat every customer the same way.

If you do so, you won’t get better results, which is why segmentation is so important.

4) Opening the Same Email on Multiple Devices Will Increase Click-through Rate by 65% (Campaign Monitor)

But, why would someone open your email on more than 2 devices?

If it is important, they will open. Plus, this also comes down to your email subject line.

5) The Worst Open and Click-through Rates are on Weekends (Optinmonster)

We, humans, love weekends.

So, if you send a beautiful, important email on the weekend – they will open it. However, if it’s not much of importance, then you will not get the engagement rate you were hoping for.


5 Important Statistics to Help You With Your Email Copy

Your subject line, email body, call-to-action, and sign-offs decides whether the subscriber converts.

And for your emails to succeed, you consistently need to tweak and test the copy.

Here are 5 statistics that will help you in your copy:

6) Welcome Emails Have 320% More Revenue Per Email Than Any Other Email (Easy-SMTP)

Welcome emails are your first interaction with the subscribers. It sets the first impression and the tone for future communication which explains why it brings more revenue than any other email.

7) Open Rates By Subject Line Length: 6-10 Words (21%), 0-5 Words (16%), 11-15 Words (14%), 16-20 Words (12%) (Business2Community)

Your subject cannot be too small (0-5 words) or too big (11-120 words).

It needs to sit in that sweet spot of 6-10 words where your customer gets the idea about your email and is also excited to read it. Still, we would advise you to test.

8) Emails With Personalization in Subject Line Are 22% More Likely to Be Opened (Business2Community)

Personalization carries importance in the subject line as well.

You can try adding subscriber’s first name, full name, or use segmentation to make it more personal for each subscriber. This will help you get more open rates.

9) iPhone Cuts off the Subject Lines Over 32 Characters (MyEmma)

So, make your email subject lines less than 32 characters.

That will ensure that people with iPhones can read your emails, but I would recommend you to aim for that sweet spot of 6-10 words.

10) “Thanks” is the Least Annoying Sign-off (3%), However 21% Dislike “Peace” (HuffingtonPost)

Just stick with thanks, you’ll be better off.


5 Statistics You Must Know Before Adding Visual Content in Your Emails

Want to make your emails interesting by adding visual content, but afraid it might affect your email conversion rates?

That’s an obvious question.

Nobody likes spicing up email campaign only to find out it affected the email performance.

Here are 5 statistics that will help you.

11) Women React to Emojis More Positively Than Men (Braze)

If you have more women in your audience, you can try adding emojis.

Again, you don’t want to be sound way too informal by doing that, so just use emojis in a controlled manner. Test, test, test.

12) Using the Word “Video” in the Email Subject line Increases Open Rates by 19% and CTR by 65% (Syndacast)

Interesting, isn’t it?

In my opinion, this is because people like multimedia content.

13) 90% of Users Say That Videos Help Them Make a Purchase Decision (Hubspot)

For you, this means:

If you have an email which is asking subscriber for a significant purchase, then you should try creating a video to improve your conversion.

14) Emails That Include Some Sort of Graphics Have a Higher Open Rate (27%) and CTR (4.5%) Than That of Text-Based Emails (20% and 3%) (Get Response)

Always sending text-based emails is a no go.

You must mix it up by adding supportive images like screencast and graphics to improve open rates and CTR.

15) 74% of Users Delete the Message If It Doesn’t Open Within 5 Seconds (Kinsta)

Which can only happen if your images are large and take a substantial amount of bandwidth.

So make sure to optimize their size before pressing that “send” button.


6 Statistics Showing Why Segmentation and Personalization Are Important for Your Business

Segmentation is the process of grouping your audience based on shared characteristics, while personalization is making your emails look more one-on-one. They are not mutually exclusive but heavily complement each other.

Email marketing strategy is never complete without these two.

Here are 6 more reasons in case you are still on the fence.

16) Segmented Email Campaign Have 50% Higher CTR Than a Regular Campaign (Helpscout)

Apart from a deeper connection, you also need segmentation to quickly fill your deeper pockets.

17) Segmented Email Campaigns Helped Increase Open Rates by 39%; Revenue, Deliverability, and Sales by 24%(Superoffice)

Another big reason why you need to segment your audience.

18) Segmented and Targeted Campaigns Generate 58% of All Revenue(DMA)

You can also segment by using various survey tools, gathering data and then finding useful insights from them.

Another way is to use your welcome email as a way to segment your audience as suggested in point 6.

19) 88% of Users Agree They are More Likely to Respond to an Email Favorably if it Looks Like it’s Been Specifically Created for Them (Dynamic Yield)

Personalization is on the rise.

And the above statistic clearly shows that it’s because people respond well to personalized emails.

20) By Addressing the Recipient by Their Name, you can Increase Open Rates and CTR up to 35% (Superoffice)

People like being called by their name.

If you know the name of your subscriber, you can add it your subject line. This will dramatically improve your email open rates as well as CTR.

21) 10% of Respondents Are Annoyed by too Little or No Personalization (Adobe)

Merely adding the name won’t have much of an effect as there is not much of a personalization.

If you want your user to feel special, then you need to mix personalization with segmentation.


Start Planning Your Email Marketing Strategy for 2019

Now that you’re on top of email marketing statistics, you can plan your email marketing strategy for 2019.

These strategies will help you solve the puzzle for 2019.

Do you have any more groundbreaking statistics to share? Let us know in the comments below.