What Sessions gave Bad Experience to your Users? Use Session Replay to get the List

Session replay was built to address one of the pressing questions across all teams, whether it’s product, UX, engineering or marketing:

How are your customers actually behaving on your website?

  • Are they engaging with your website the way you intend them to?
  • What are the roadblocks to checkout or signup?
  • How are your paid customers engaging with the new feature?

Overall, Session Replay helped you qualitatively understand the experience of the user on your site.

Moreover, by using the filters you could zero down your analysis to the desired set of users and check out their behavior on the website.

Its value proposition is that looking at the customer’s actual behavior on the site would give you a sense of their perspective. Most importantly it would help you understand what went wrong.

In this buyer’s market, every user matters. So giving a good experience to ALL of them is important if not critical.

However, finding the exact session wherein something went wrong, by checking logs, is tantamount to finding a needle in the haystack, especially when you are having thousands of visitors on your site daily or perhaps hourly basis.

So, we decided to introduce a feature in our ‘Session Replay’ module that automatically tracked the sessions on your website which recorded any kind of error.

Say hello to ‘Error tracking, ladies and gentlemen.

Error tracking

From now onward, Freshmarketer automatically tracks the sessions on your website which recorded any of the following errors:

  1. Rage clicks
  2. Console error
  3. Console warning
  4. Client error (4xx)
  5. Server error (5xx)
  6. JS error

You can find the error tag filter inside the session replay experiment. Choose or multiple-select the tags from the drop-down and get the desired list of sessions.

Now, barring the first tag, the other four may sound a bit technical to a non-dev dude like me so following is a brief explanation of each of the error type.

Rage click

Rage click is the event when a user repeatedly clicks on a link or a button, indicating that some element on the website is not responding as expected and the user is perhaps frustrated.

Console warning

It is the dev scenario which is potentially harmful in nature but would still allow the application to continue running.

Console error

It represents the error events which are fatal in nature and require careful analysis. It will, although, allow the application to run

Client error (4xx)

These are the range of error types which seem to have been caused on the client side. This is why they are also known as client error. You can view all the error types here.

Server error (5xx)

It indicates the cases in which the server fails to fulfill a perfectly valid client request. They are also called server errors. Again, you can view all the 5xx error types here.

Javascript error

These are the Javascript related error like syntax error, reference error, type error and the likes.

Being able to filter the error-recorded sessions has tremendous use-cases across marketing, product, and dev.


Marketers can understand why their signup page or any desired page is not performing in the way they expected. Apart from other reasons it could also be because of page behaving erroneously. But unlike previously, they don’t have to rely on dev to figure that out.


Product Managers can figure out how the users are engaging with the new feature and whether it’s throwing any error or not. It can be super useful when you are launching a beta version, for this is the time when you track usage errors more persistently than ever.


Engineers can use it similar to how they use Chrome console. They don’t need to dig their logs to find the cases of error. They can just add a quick filter and all the error scenarios would be right before them telling him exactly the way it manifested.

Integration with Freshdesk- A boon for support folks

Freshdesk users, who use Freshmarketer have another good news from this update. Courtesy of our integration with Freshdesk, you can use our Error tracking feature in an unimaginably powerful manner that would create WOW experience for your customers.

We called it Frustration Prediction. And rightly so, for it predicts when the user is frustrated so that a right response could be generated before he leaves the website or creates an angry support ticket.

How? Let me explain that with a use-case- say a beta user is navigating through the product and comes across a dead link. Naturally, he would end up incessantly clicking on it indicating bad experience.

By enabling ‘Frustration Prediction’ in your Freshdesk account, you could pop a notification asking the user if he wants to report this. If he does report, it would be automatically turned into a support ticket in your Freshdesk account.

Similar responses could be crafted when the user is on critical pages like pricing, cart, feature, etc.

That’s all about tracking error using Session Replay in Freshmarketer. If you have any questions or inputs, add them in the comments.