Brand New features from Zarget – Polls & Feedback, Form Analytics and Multiple Account Management

Written by on November 4, 2016

In the last few weeks, we’ve been very busy in creating the next milestone for our customers. We take a lot of pride in introducing Zarget 2.0 with Website Form Analytics, Polls & feedback, and Multiple Account Management.

Form Analytics

The collective power of data

Zarget‘s Form Analytics will give you very tangible metrics such as – form visitors and starters, average time spent to complete a form, total number of conversions, conversion rate, and abandonment rate and more. You will further be able to pull out field-specific information – the no. of visitors  who filled, skipped, refilled, hesitated or dropped out of the form in specific fields.

Form Analytics

Device specific engagement

You can visualize the summary of which devices are being used as it is broken down by desktop, mobile, and tablet. And it’s customizable by date so you can check results for any time period.

Perhaps, many mobile users aren’t completing the form, this can tell you that you need to ensure your form works well in the mobile.

Polls and Feedback

It’s just a matter of asking right questions

Sometimes you want a quick bit of feedback from your visitor. Whether you are an e-commerce site or a click-to-donate site, the best way to understand what your visitors think is by polling and getting them to fill the feedback forms there and then.

The feature will help in swiftly creating and setting up polls and feedback sessions on website pages. It offers 5 inbuilt options to build polls and feedback sessions. All you will have to do is use a little judgment and stance them wisely. It will be as simple as putting a bunch of lego blocks together.

Zarget presents the feedback you received in the form of word clouds. You can instantly view all the feedback in one place and also quickly spot word frequencies in the feedback.

Zarget ‘s live polls are just what they sound like…

With Zarget ‘s live polling you can aid the process of getting feedback from your user. It gives you choices to make use of the best format to gain feedback from your audience.

Types of questions you could prompt are:

  • Single answer
  • Long answer
  • Radio button
  • Check box
  • Net promoter score (NPS)

Polls & Feedback - Types of questions

And with our customizable polls, you can easily fit the polls anywhere on a website and engage with visitors throughout your website.

Also, you can set up a theme and position the polls based on your requirement. It lets you set the behavior of the polls. For example: Trigger a poll on page load.

Set behavior of the polls

By pulling all your customer issues and feedback to one place you can drive in the best business improvements that matter.

Cannot deny…

“Quick responses are always honest”

So start running live polls on your website and obtain trustworthy feedback from your visitors.

Multiple Account Management

Multiple Account Management will give you scope for more organization, easy delegation, and efficiency within Zarget. Marketing agencies can use MAM to effectively manage their client accounts in Zarget. The feature comes with two inbuilt roles – Super User and Account Managers.

More updates on Zarget coming up. Stay tuned.