All Features Marketing Automation Software Customer Journey
Build journeys to achieve marketing goals

Build journeys effortlessly to nurture new leads, engage with existing customers, or win back churned customers, with our intuitive and easy-to-use journey builder. Use triggers, actions, controls, and delays to craft well-timed journeys for your audience.

Schedule journeys to go at the right time

With the journey scheduler, plan your customer journeys’ to set off at the right time, for instance, anniversary, birthday campaigns, etc. Add delays based on your contacts data, wherever necessary in your journey, to avoid overwhelming customers with too many emails.

Understand journey performance with live-view 

Easily view the number of customers at every step of the journey anytime. Tweak your journeys based on your observations and segment your customers based on where they are on their journey.

Powerful reporting with extensive journey metrics

Gain insights into your journeys with our comprehensive metric reports. Drill deeper into your journeys’ performance from overview to trends and individual email’s performance. Export, share, and create custom reports to truly understand the impact of your customer journeys.