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Target your audience and convert better


How can you segment your audience?

Create segments of your customers’ data

Create smart segments and filter contacts by their characteristics like name, email, country, etc. Easily segment contacts across different lists, geographies, companies, and more to run targeted marketing campaigns.

Real-time segmentation across periods

Build segments that span over time, to craft relevant messaging and deliver personalized engagement. Define granular segments that can classify your audience based on their customer journey, vis-a-vis from a visitor to a lead and a customer.

Segment data based on contacts’ behavior

Define your segments based on what contacts’ do on your site or app, or how they respond to your brand. Easily create segments based on your contacts’ email activity like opens, clicks, etc., the pages that they have visited on your site, or the forms that they have submitted.

Build segments with campaigns’ data

With Freshmarketer, you can create segments to filter out contacts who visited your website from one of your marketing campaigns, via UTM parameters. Easily send relevant follow-up emails, and improve your chances of conversion.

Use events data to create smart segments

Filter contacts who have entered, exited, or are currently engaged with the customer journeys that you have set up in Freshmarketer. You can also define segments based on custom events, for instance, cart abandonment, to target specific contacts and re-engage with them.

Create compelling campaigns with deeper filters

Go beyond conventional segments to create powerful and effective email campaigns with Freshmarketer’s segments. Use time-based segments to send out emails at the right time, and multi-level filters to target a specific customer group.



Do more with Freshmarketer’s smart segments

Unlimited combinations

Build more segments or use AND/OR operations to create endless combinations in a segment which can target your customers better.

Powerful marketing automation

With smart segments, identify contacts that have to be added or removed from customer journeys, and foster better engagement with your audience.

Website personalization

Personalize your web pages for your audience based on their behavior like page visits, form submissions and more, for better website conversions.