All Features Email Marketing Software Contact Management
Organize contacts with segmentation

Segment your contacts with organized lists to deliver relevant and targeted email campaigns for your audience. Group your contacts based on lists or by behavioral segments, import contacts from your CRM, CSV files, etc., to keep your lists up-to-date.

Create custom contact fields

Update more information about individual contacts on your database to understand your audience better. Create custom segments or send hyper-targeted emails that engage and convert better.

Track contact activity with timelines

Track your customers’ engagement with your brand to create relevant campaigns that drive conversions. With contact timelines track email activity, list subscriptions, page views, form actions, unsubscribes, etc., and filter contacts based on them.

Manage your unsubscribers

Make it easy for your contacts to unsubscribe or resubscribe to your services as per their preferences. Easily customize links to unsubscribe your contacts from either a particular list or from all emails.